The Week in Geek: Black Panther's money! Incredibles 2 looks funny! Zack Snyder is... fired

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May 23, 2018, 8:47 AM EDT (Updated)

Woof. This week was was not great. As ever, we are a nation chaotically and perpetually incapable of agreeing on a solution to children being senselessly slaughtered in our schools.

I can't solve that in an article about nerdy news. I wish I could. But I can offer you a brief respite, where we can focus on (mostly) good news from the realm of fandom.

Let's see what the biggest stories were.


Last week I (mostly) gave you a Black Panther holiday, because we all knew the dude would be dominating this week. And the week after. And the week after that.

And in case you thought maybe that was hyperbole, the big news so far this week re: Black Panther, beyond it being a good movie that most people are already in love with, is that it's making more money than it was originally projected to. Like, A LOT more. Thursday night, Black Panther closed with $25.2 million, making it easily the highest-grossing Thursday take of any pre-summer film ever. We started around an estimated $120 million? Estimates are now closer to $210 million by the end of President's Day weekend.

Mostly, though. People are just really happy Black Panther is out and they can go see it. And they've got theories related to a certain post-credits sequence.

Also, Princess Shuri is the best. Don't @ me.



The Olympics are going on. And even people who don't love sports tend to love the Olympics. And smack dab in the middle of those sports that even the non-sport sporties are sporting was the first real trailer for Incredibles 2.

Yes, everyone's favorite Fantastic Four movie is finally getting its sequel. And it seems like a role reversal of the original. Now it's Elastigirl who's on the job and Mr. Incredible playing Mr. Mom. I would not call that revelatory or unique, but the Incredibles are still the best Fantastic Four we've got, so ... enjoy.


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery has been a whirlwind. With only a very brief break between halves of the 15-episode first season, it feels like it only started yesterday, but now we're stuck waiting until who knows when for Season 2.

But people didn't just have strong opinions about the finale which brought the Klingon war to a (temporary, at least) close, a new hope for the Federation, a re-instated Burnham, and a forcibly united Klingon empire -- they had opinions about the season as a whole. And like anything with franchises as massive as Star Trek, opinions were split and pretty extreme. Most people either love Discovery or think it's somehow against the very nature of Star Trek.

Either way, the end of Season 1 has every Trek fan talking about what will happen next and whether they'll stick around to watch it happen.


Last year, we were told that Zack Snyder and his wife would step away from the Justice League movie after a tragic suicide in their family. And whether you like the Snyderverse or hate it, there was kind of an inherent need to be respectful in that moment.

But now news is coming out that, way before the tragedy, Snyder had already been fired by Warner Bros and DC. This news coming out almost concurrently with the release of deleted scenes from Snyder's earlier cut of Justice League before Joss Whedon was brought in to complete the project.


I don't want to ignore the biggest news story of the week. If you do (and I don't blame you), feel free to skip this part.

One of the things that happens after a school shooting like the one in Parkland, Florida, is that a lot of famous people want to weigh in. Which makes sense. We all do. And social media is the way thousands, if not millions, of people do that.

Lots of talent from nerd media reacted, but I wanted to focus on James Gunn because his is a thoughtful response from a gun owner who is trying to find a way to enact some kind of reform.

But I also want to mention, and I hope James Gunn won't take this personally, that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 begins with a child-like conversation between Peter and Gamora over who gets to use the giant guns as "their thing." If we're going to talk about gun reform, I think we have to acknowledge that the conversation doesn't stop there. It has to include the way we lionize gun use, how we make it cartoony and even fun. What impact does that have on all of us, not just children?

This isn't about censorship, it's not about saying "no more X ever again," it's about asking why one First World nation, more than any other, is experiencing such a ballooning and prolonged rate of domestic gun violence. It's about trying to have an honest conversation. Again. Because that's the only way this is ever going to change.

Anyway. Sorry to end you on a downer. Go see Black Panther. It's a very powerful and upbeat movie and it'll be cool if it sets that record.

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