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The Week in Geek: Cheetahs and Doctors and gorgeous wrestlers, oh my!

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Jun 29, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

Hello, friends. It's been another stressful week, but at least it's over.

As we head into July, nerdy news has kind of slowed a little bit. Not a whole lot going on. But that's okay. There's still stuff to talk about. Not everything needs to light the world on fire. In fact, less world burning would be swell.

So turn down the lights, throw on whatever is your easiest listening of choice, and groove out with the top five stories from... The Week in Geek.


Hard to believe that one of the most influential science fiction writers of our day is gone, but Harlan Ellison has been confirmed deceased at age 84.

It's hard to put into words the impact Ellison has had not just on genre, but on human life. He wrote "City on the Edge of Forever," arguably still the most famous Star Trek episode ever produced. He also hated the changes to his script, almost to the point of taking his name off it.

And Ellison will forever be that — the story of a brilliant writer who was fearless, sometimes to a fault, who called out injustice where he saw it, who helped bring some of the best sci-fi series to popularity, and who was a recurring Scooby-Doo character — a dream to which I think we all aspire.


We've seen new stills of Chris Pine and Gal Gadot from the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984, but this week marks our first official glimpse of Kristen Wiig in her pre-Cheetah Barbara Minerva best.

Patty Jenkins tweeted out the pic, and it shows Wiig in all her dowdy splendor. Long skirt, bulky sweater, oversized bag, low heel... she is definitely giving me some Michelle Pfeiffer in the first act of Batman Returns vibes. And since later Wiig will become an evil cat lady (a lady who is a cat, not a lady with cats), that feels right.

I look forward to seeing Wiig let loose as Cheetah, but also dressing sensibly. I respect and often live that aesthetic myself.



In addition to the Teen Titans series and the eventual other shows on the horizon, this week we found out just how all in DC is on their streaming service.

First of all, so DC fans feel like they've got a full volume to watch, in addition to new shows, DC is also popping off with all the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, a whole bunch of DC animated films, and then... DC comics.

This is a pretty cool move. In addition to pictures that, you know, move, the new DC streaming service is also going to make it so you can read some best of DC comic books. And you can watch them on any device — you can even watch them on your big TV if the spirit moves.

DC is taking their best shot at making another streaming service worth paying for. We'll see if it works out.


Since Doctor Who came back in 2005, the only true constant for the series was one man — composer Murray Gold. Gold's score for new Who is so bombastic and so in-your-face that it is as much a character on the show as any Doctor, companion, Dalek, Cyberman, or tin dog.

But with the change to the first-ever woman Doctor also comes a changing of the musical guard as well. Murray Gold has been open about bowing out, but news that Segun Akinola would step in is brand new.

It's exciting knowing someone who is, relatively speaking, newer to the game will be bringing something completely fresh to not just the incidental music on Doctor Who but also its iconic theme.

Akinola's arrival is another reminder that Doctor Who is about to see its biggest evolution in almost 15 years.

glow season 2


I know, I know. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are not actually superheroes, they don't go to space or ride unicorns, but look — SYFY has aired plenty of wrestling and this show rules and so I am counting it!

Alison Brie, Betty Gilpon, Marc Maron, Sudelle Noel, Sunita Mani, and all the rest of the cast are back, but now... their characters are knd of famous? Against all odds, GLOW has found success, but that means they've gotta keep going, and that is harder than anyone is ready for.

GLOW dropped as of the day of this writing, June 28, 2018. And, uh... yeah. If you liked the first season, you will probably like the second one. Because wrestling is fun, y'all.

And that's all! Yes, it was a little bit of a thin week, but there was still a lot of fun things to enjoy. Let us know what were the biggest stories of the week for you and we'll see you next time. Have a great weekend!

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