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The Week in Geek: Danny Rand and Michael Myers return, and Captain Marvel's here too!

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Sep 7, 2018

The first full week of September 2018 is in the books! It was hot, but the pool near me is already closed! So, instead, I stayed inside and read the news.

I assume you had better things to do, but, truly, this was a big week, especially for horror and Marvel. So here they are: The top 5 stories from... The Week in Geek!


I was shipped off to Mexico City a couple weeks ago for a screening of The Nun. A lot of puns were had. "I don't want nun of this." "Horror movies like this are habit forming."

But now The Nun is available for all to see. We don't really do reviews on SYFY WIRE, but the short version is that The Nun is nunsploitation-light with a blending of classic Hammer Horror and just a dash of Evil Dead era Sam Raimi. It's fun. If you like The Conjuring movies, you will probably like The Nun, too.

You can check out The Nun in theaters as of today, September 7.


We already saw a teaser for the new Halloween movie (which is called Halloween, because why not) but this week we finally got our first real, full-fledged trailer.

Michael Myers kills someone with a hammer! Jamie Lee Curtis shoots a shotgun! Kids are screaming in the streets! Haddonfield is set for a bloodbath — the hunter will become the hunted and all we're waiting on finding out is whether or not Laurie Strode finally puts Michael Myers to rest.

She's not gonna fight with knitting needles and clothes hangers this time, that's for sure!


The joke is that The Purge: TV Series airs on USA. And SYFY! Usually, I shy away from talking about "network stuff" (because I'm a rebel, Dottie), but the televisual version of The Purge did drop this week and it's pretty good!

If you didn't catch the first episode, it mostly takes place right before the year's Purge begins. We meet Miguel, who is trying to find his sister, Penelope, who has joined a kind of suicide cult run by Good Leader Tavis (played by horror mainstay Fiona Dourif). We also meet Rick and Jenna who are going to an upper-class MFFA party to try to raise money for the poor. Lila is also there. They all have a... past, let's say. And then there's Jane, a lawyer who has just taken out a hit on someone.

Just to tease it: Each following episode (I've seen three) is an ensemble piece but with a focus on one of the character's pasts.



Late Tuesday night, Brie Larson very spontaneously (no one planned this, I'm sure) tweeted at Entertainment Weekly about them getting together to break the internet, say, Wednesday at 12PM EST.

What we got was an EW cover story on Captain Marvel and some new and exciting details on the next MCU film.

Be that as it may, obviously we now know more about Captain Marvel and her forthcoming '90s-tastic feature film.

We've seen the costume, which looks like it's very hot in the summer. But since we now know Carol's gonna start off in space, we're guessing that won't be an immediate problem.

Yes, we knew that Korath and Ronan (who both featured in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film) would be returning, but this is our first real look at Maria (not Monica) Rambeau, and also of the expected (but still exciting) Skrulls.

And speaking of Skrulls, there's Jude Law, who we still can't confirm as the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell (yeah, I know the name is on the nose, but that's comics for ya). But we know his character and Carol are in Starforce together, we know they have a special bond, and so we can assume he's Mar-Vell. Right?

Also, Brie Larson didn't want to play Carol Danvers (or any Marvel hero, really) because she was afraid she would lose her invisibility in life and her ability to get lost in other roles because of the fame that comes of technically sorta kinda being a Disney Princess. Which is fair. I assume Disney changed her mind by making Carol a very complex, flawed character.

Anyway, still no Captain Marvel trailer, but it'll come in time.


Courtesy of Netflix


The Netflix Marvel series are a mixed bag and the worst of them so far, arguably, was the first season of Iron Fist. Danny Rand's first outing didn't seem to please anyone, but the theory is he can only go up from there.

And while The Defenders wasn't much of an improvement, Iron Fist Season 2 is exactly enough of one for even a casual viewer to notice.

New showrunner M. Raven Metzner leans into the fact that Danny Rand isn't the most likable character rather than running from that. As a result, Season 2 of Iron Fist is a decidedly more ensemble affair. Former Rand partners Ward and Joy are more interesting, Alice Eve's take on Typhoid Mary is intriguing, and, unsurprisingly, Jessica Henwick steals the show as Colleen Wing.

The show still has its share of duds. Davos is pretty boring, Episode 3 is basically a dinner party, and Colleen Wing deserves better than Danny Rand, but that seems to kind of be the point.

Ultimately, though, the fight scenes are much improved and any episode directed by Rachel Talalay is guaranteed to please.

And that's it! September has begun, so it's no surprise that there are lots of horror movies and TV stuff dominating. But what about you? What are the stories that dominated your week?

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