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The Week in Geek: Doctor Who is back and so is James Gunn

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Oct 12, 2018, 12:30 PM EDT

Hello, friends. New York Comic Con is over and I am le tired. But, as it happens, the news has carried on. So many things have happened since the SYFY WIRE team struck their Live Stage set Sunday night that NYCC almost feels like a distant memory. Almost.

So what happened? What's the stuff that had the most people talking and sharing and otherwise sharing their respective moods on the internet? Here they are: the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Fun story: I interviewed Jodie Whittaker, Chris Chibnall, and Matt Stevens on Sunday on that SYFY WIRE Live Stage at NYCC maybe an hour after the debut episode of Jodie's Doctor, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth," aired on British TV. And so as not to make you think I've got special access, I actually had to borrow a friend's DVR login so I could watch the episode literal moments before I went on stage. That was a lot of pressure!

A lot more pressure, obviously, was on this new Doctor Who team, given that this was their first-ever episode. I loved it! Our recapper Courtney Enlow loved it! Maybe you loved it, too? It was certainly a success so far as audience share since it pulled in 8.2 million viewers overnight, the best the show has done in many, many years.

The premiere generated a lot of interesting conversations including a Polygon article about how people of color (and specifically black people) react differently to a police box than white people react. The Doctor's change of gender also brought up a lot of thoughts, especially insofar as how being a woman changes the Doctor, how her lines hold extra weight, and also how this new regeneration already connects with many transgender people and their feelings on their own transitions.

All of which is to say: Doctor Who is back and that is exciting and good!



This is a quick hit, but people had a lot of thoughts, mostly positive so here goes:

The first picture of Ruby Rose as Batwoman has been released. And she looks like Batwoman! The logo is dead on and the style of the costume overall is mostly faithful to the one we've seen in the comics since the Rucka/Williams Elegy run.

One thing: let's hope that hair is a wig. It does not look real and, you know, it was a wig in the comic which is maybe one of the best disguises a comic book character has ever utilized. A weave can change you, friend.

While some people still have concerns about whether or not Rose will be able to play the part, I am just gonna go ahead and remind you that this is a CW show (home to teen dramas everywhere) and that it seems likely that she at the very least has the chops for that.


Director of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Jake Kasdan, and star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson are teaming up again for a Netflix project based on the folklore of John Henry and The Statesmen. Yes. John Henry. He of steel-driving fame.

Johnson, excited for the project, said, "These diverse characters speak to a legacy of storytelling that is more relevant than ever and span across a worldwide audience regardless of age, gender, race or geography."

The response was... less generous.

To put it very simply: John Henry is a darker-skinned black man. The Rock is not. Because it's hard for black men and women with darker complexions to find work (and The Rock is already very rich), a lot of people are wishing that Johnson would've stuck to producing rather than also starring.

Many people are wishing a last-minute change could be made. Lots of folks have wondered, "Was Terry Crews too busy?" And, as a long-time Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I can confirm that I support that idea because I love Terry as much as Terry loves yogurt.

james gunn


James Gunn. You remember: director of two Guardians of the Galaxy movies before the alt-right dredged up a bunch of old tweets and Disney fired him? Yeah. That guy.

Maybe you thought he should be fired, maybe you were part of the movement who fought to get Gunn reinstated. But it turns out that maybe Gunn doesn't need the old job. Maybe he's already got a new job.

Maybe that job is Suicide Squad 2.

Shortly after Gunn's firing, there were people who said DC might want Gunn for Suicide Squad. I laughed at that at the time. I mean, c'mon: what are the odds?

Pretty good, it turns out.

The Wrap reported this week that Gunn is in talks to write the script for the Suicide Squad sequel and perhaps even direct it.

And when I say "sequel," I mean "reboot." Kinda. Even David Ayer, who worked on Suicide Squad previously, is cool with the change.

And, as ever, Dave Bautista already wants in.

emperor palpatine


We're finally starting to hear Star Wars: Episode IX rumors and latest one is a doozy. Apparently, there's a certain evil leader who will be making some manner of return in the film.

No, not Snoke. Or Darth Maul. Or Darth Vader. Or Darth Plagueis.

No, word on the street is that we'll be seeing Darth Sidious aka Emperor Palpatine. Okay, and also maybe Snoke, too. But we're not talking about Force ghosts or clones — the word is that Kylo Ren will see the Emperor in hologram form.

Could be cool? Could feel like a retread? Could be a cool retread! Right now, though, it's just a rumor, but it's one of the biggest ones we've heard out of J.J. Abrams' return to the galaxy far, far away so far.

And that's all for this week! What were your biggest news stories? Ryan Coogler is apparently officially back for Black Panther 2, which should shock nobody. A lot of trailers dropped, too. Are you still thinking about New York Comic Con? No one would blame you. Leave a comment and let us know and I will see you here again next week.