The Week in Geek: Get Out of The Shape of Water, Academy! Pick a color, Captain Marvel!

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Jan 26, 2018, 7:09 PM EST (Updated)

You made it to the last full week of January 2018! Don't minimize your achievement — this is a celebration-worthy accomplishment. And what better way to celebrate than to look back at the five biggest nerd stories of the past week?



On Tuesday morning, the woman I secretly transform into during the full moon, Tiffany Haddish, and the man I actually am without the mocap, Andy Serkis, announced the nominations for the 90th Academy Awards.

The two films with the most nominations happened to be genre: The Shape of Water and Get Out. But that wasn't all — Logan was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay (which is huge), and movies such as Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and even Kong: Skull Island secured some nominations.

Notably absent? Wonder Woman. Not one nomination. No Best Picture. No Best Director for Patty Jenkins. Not even a Best Costumes. Y'all are WONDERing (get it) why. And for good reason.

Personally, I'm just mad Lil Rel ain't got that Best Supporting Actor nod for Get Out, especially since he pulled Best Dude Who Knows He's in a Horror Movie since Jamie Kennedy in Scream. Just sayin'.



One of the greatest American science fiction novelists of the past century, Ursula K. Le Guin, passed away Monday of this week. She was one of the most prolific genre writers of all time, best known for The Left Hand of Darkness and the Earthsea series. Books, shorts, poems, translations — you name it, Le Guin did it.

Mostly, though, fans took to Twitter to talk about how she eschewed gender roles and that time she very politely owned a bunch of dudes who wanted her to write an introduction to their all-male anthology.

Put it this way: Le Guin never had to write an article asking if she was "a bad feminist." A queen, from first to last. She will be missed. Just ask her friends and family.



Does it feel like it's been forever since we first heard Captain Marvel was getting her own movie to anyone else? Because it feels like an eternity to me, especially since the movie won't be out until 2019 and there's been almost no signs the movie is even in production — until now, that is.

Yes, we finally saw Brie Larson in her full Carol Danvers best. The suit is green and, gosh, some of y'all are heated about that.

Some people were mad. Some thought it was a shout-out to the original Kree Captain Marvel costume. Some of y'all think the costume's color will be altered in post-production. At least one person actually recolored the costume themselves.

Me? I'm just glad Brie gets to wear a suit that looks like it could be an alien flight suit for an entity of any gender. Unlike a certain Van Dyne I can think of whose costume has separate boob holes and armor plating that looks like a literal, uh... well?



Speaking of green things, sometimes you just need something really obvious and silly to brighten your day. Like, for example, a Ninja Turtle named Michaelangelo going to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to take in some art — which just so happens to have been created by the OG Michaelangelo.

It was delightful.

We can only hope that one day that young turtle will be inspired enough that he might find the secret of the ooze we call paint and add a pizza to the Sistine Chapel, just as God intended.



Video Essayist (and, full disclosure: personal friend) Lindsay Ellis released a video this week called "Dear Stephenie Meyer," which, in addition to being an apology to the YA author, is a thoughtful analysis of why the Twilight saga was so vehemently despised by its detractors.

Twilight first got really big a decade ago in 2008. Girls and women (and men, too) the world over were obsessed. And some of us (myself included) were furious. Ellis' video essay breaks down why we were fixated, either in love or in hate, and, with a decade of hindsight, asks "why?"

It's a good video, and during a time where we spend a lot of time being righteously unforgiving, it's just nice to see people using social media to revisit a past rage with the benefit and clarity of time.

And that's the Week in Geek. Did you weigh in on these stories? What did you think?And what were the nerdy things that kept turning up in your Twitter feed?

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