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The Week in Geek: Ghostbusters are back, Tony Stark may have ghosted, and ghost... Jon Snow?

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Jan 25, 2019, 4:49 PM EST (Updated)

Phew! We did it! The end of one of the most over-full weeks of television in recent history. The Flash came back. Marvel's The Punisher dropped its second season. Same for Star Trek: Discovery. We got new shows like The Passage and Deadly Class. There were remakes for Roswell and Carmen Sandiego. And that doesn't even start on Glass showing up into theaters with every critic making the "half empty" joke. Things got intense!

And, on top of that, other things also happened! Here they are: The five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped this week. You would think that the story would be, "WOW, RIGHT, THERE'S ANOTHER SPIDER-MAN WHO'S NOT MILES MORALES!" or "MR. GLASS IS IN THIS MOVIE?!"

But, instead, there was a slew of other major questions. Like, we all saw that stuff with Happy, right? Is Aunt May tapping that? And Jake Gyllenhaal, right? He's very hot! Look at how hot he is with that fishbowl on his head! 

The biggest response to the trailer, though, is speculation over the whereabouts of one Tony Stark. Where's Iron Man? Is he dead? OH MY GOD IS THAT WHY PETER DOESN'T WANT TO WEAR HIS SPIDEY SUIT? Obviously, we have no idea what the deal is, but depending on whether Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place before or after the events of Avengers: Endgame (we still don't know) will potentially dictate the answer to that question.

Also, sidebar: Spider-Man: Far From Home has two trans actors, Zach Barack and Tyler Luke Cunningham in its cast, making it the first mainstream superhero movie to do that. That's very nice! Truly, Peter Parker is a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!


This week it was announced that Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman's son, Jason Reitman, is set to direct a 2020 Ghostbusters movie. This will be a sequel to the '80s films and in no way related to the 2016 film. Jason Reitman made a very specific point of making sure that was clear because heaven forbid Lady Ghostbusters: The Movie be anything but beaten to death, buried, waited upon to turn into a ghost, and then, subsequently, busted.

It would be nice to think about more Ghostbusters movies in their own right without the stench of a culture war. But here we are. This is a Ghostbusters movie for men who get mad at commercials about safety razors and we all kind of know it.

Anyway, there's a teaser trailer where you see Ecto-1. Whee.


A teaser trailer dropped for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones this week. It's just the Starks finding some statues of themselves and then pulling out swords. No spoilers to be seen. However, it did reveal the important thing, which is that the first episode of this final season will air on April 14. And that's basically all anyone needed to hear.

But, yes, there will, despite the desires of the cast and crew, be a more official trailer between now and April. We've already heard weird, outlandish rumors. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) said she wasn't allowed to wash her hair for a while. Gross. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) said that this season broke the actors. But also apparently he kept that statue of himself and it's in his shed?


DC has its streaming service. CBS All Access has its new Star Trek: Discovery season out. Disney+ is coming. And, it was announced this week, that our very own parent company, NBC, will be bringing its own streaming service to the table.

So what is Netflix doing to stay at the top of the game? It's bumping its prices up. Single subscriptions will go up from $8 to $9 per month and the four-subscriber plan will pop from $14 to $16. This change will take place immediately for new subscribers and over the course of the next three months for the rest of us.

The price increase might seem small, but it's a lot more expensive when you take into account all the other streaming services contending for the average TV/movie watcher's wallet. Netflix may still be the biggest name in the game, but Amazon also gives you free two-day delivery, so...

Genuinely, there's going to come a point — and that point may even be this year — where people start to split from Netflix with all these other options. Also, wasn't all this supposed to be a means to finally escape cable? Weren't we all supposed to finally cut the cord? Kinda feels like we all are more strapped down and expensed to watch #content than ever before. So that $1 or $2 increase for Netflix? It's definitely adding up!


We mentioned at the top that Star Trek: Discovery is back this week for its second season. We knew about the animated series Lower Decks. We also heard there will be another, more kid-friendly animated series coming. And obviously, there's that Picard series we're all very nervous about.

But we found out this week that megastar Michelle Yeoh, who played Philippa Georgiou in both captain and evil emperor mode last season, will be getting her own show built around the mysterious Section 31. For those who may not know, Section 31 is a branch of Starfleet that basically doesn't follow the rules. They are the CIA. They do the things that no one else can do with a huge discretionary budget (assuming there's still money in the 23rd century).

This will be yet another different side of the Star Trek die as CBS tries to make its All Access streaming platform even more appealing to Star Trek fans. At the very least, we know we'll be getting more Michelle Yeoh wearing a lot of black and causing trouble. 

And that's it! What a week! Did you see Glass? Did you watch Deadly Class? Did you listen to our official Deadly Class podcast? I hope so! As always, thank you for reading, please tell us what the biggest stories were from your week and what you thought of these five stories in the comments.

See ya next week!