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The Week in Geek: Hulk's not scared of Thanos and we're not scared of new shapes!

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Aug 3, 2018

Hey, friends. It's the end of another week. Whew! What a relief, right? Weekends. They definitely still exist.

Anyway, it feels like it's getting harder and harder to keep caught up on the nerdy goings-on in the world on account of *gestures at the rest of the world*. So we're still doing that thing where we compile the stuff that's worth knowing about.

Here they are, the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


James Gunn's dismissal by Disney as writer/director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is the story that won't die. Good! It shouldn't. This week started with the entire main cast of Guardians of the Galaxy signing a joint statement in which they came to Gunn's defense.

Some people identify this as a call to have Gunn reinstated, but they never actually say that. They defend Gunn's character, they call out "weaponizing mob mentality," and they talk about the consequences of how we use social media. But, other than saying they've been "encouraged" by the support from fans who want to see Gunn reinstated, there's really no demand here.

And that's not surprising. The cast is under contract. They can't just quit without getting sued and being blacklisted by the most powerful company in Hollywood. Furthermore, the news on Gunn's potential re-hiring isn't good. The rumors are that Disney has no intention of even considering bringing Gunn back to Guardians.

But this story is bigger than Gunn, bigger than Disney, bigger than "fandom." It really is about bad-faith arguments and the manipulation of the media with the goal of harming others for political reasons or, frankly, fun.

What Disney has done is already making waves. Sarah Jeong, who was recently hired to a position on the New York Times editorial board, came under fire for tweets. The Verge then wrote a statement saying that "newsrooms just stand up to targeted campaigns of harassment."

So, if it has not become clear yet: This conversation is not going away.


Will wonders never cease? After previous sneak peaks and trailers for the Tom Hardy Venom movie, the only inclination we got that Eddie Brock would actually be Venom at all was one quick moment of him in the full symbiote suit.

And while there will always be an argument to be made for not showing too much of a movie in its trailers, it was clear that people needed more of Venom IN the Venom trailers to feel confident in the film's possibility of actually being good.

There is lots of Venom in this new trailer. Eddie fights with the voice of the symbiote in his head, he fights people in the suit, there's a great bit where Venom talks about ripping a dude's face off — so that's nice!

Whether or not the Venom movie will be good? Who knows! But, for the first time, the idea of Eddie Brock's fall from grace independent of Peter Parker and Spider-Man actually feels a little viable.

Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Credit: Lucasfilm


After assurances that Carrie Fisher would not be used in future Star Wars films (and certainly not as CGI), it turns out she'll be in Star Wars: Episode IX after all. Abrams has footage from the previous two Skywalker epics that will be used.

Mark Hamill will also return as Luke Skywalker. He has positive feelings about that and mixed feelings about Fisher's return. And Hamill, I think, is a good barometer for the fandom on both scores.

It will be interesting to see the ongoing fan response to the return of Luke Skywalker. After all the backlash surrounding his characterization and death in The Last Jedi, will this revelation and its execution move the needle in any way? I guess we'll see.


Source: Marvel Studios


Avengers: Infinity War is now available digitally. Sure, it made over $2 billion worldwide, but with so many other superhero movies coming out, it's hard to retain object permanence in the nerd mind.

The Russo Brothers have done that both with the advent of the term "snapture" and now by revealing some interesting details you might not have known about Infinity War.

For example: Were you wondering why Thanos knows Tony Stark? They've never met, but Tony has sensed the danger that would become Thanos since Iron Man (2008).

"I think [Thanos] has the most specific connection to Tony because Tony is a futurist, and he has predicted a threat like Thanos,” Joe Russo said. “It’s lived in his brain even though he couldn’t name it. Tony is the most desperately driven, down to the core, to react against something like Thanos. I think this is intrinsic to Tony’s psychology, and because Tony started it all with Iron Man, he has a special connection to the threat that’s facing him."

Hey. Did you think Hulk was afraid of Thanos? Most people did, but Joe Russo says those people are wrong.

"A lot of people had interpreted that the Hulk was scared of Thanos. The Hulk has had his ass kicked before, and so it wasn’t like the minute he gets his ass kicked he’s going to run and hide. It’s really the notion that the Hulk and Banner have a very dysfunctional relationship, which was explored even further in Thor: Ragnarok. And I think that relationship is starting to strain between the two of them and the Hulk is not interested in playing the hero to Banner anymore," Joe said. "I don’t know if the Hulk sees the value in the relationship. They both want to control Hulk’s body. The Hulk brings fighting and strength to the table, and he’s not quite sure what Banner is bringing yet. So I think this is becoming a stubborn push and pull between two very despaired personalities stuck in one body."

There's also Chris Evans and Brie Larson getting in on the fun of Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones' live-tweeting of her first Infinity War viewing.

So people still have Infinity War thoughts. Guess we'll see how interested they are by the time Avengers 4 finally hits.



This is the kind of news that could get buried, so I'm including it here this week because not a ton happened this week and because it's really interesting and potentially important. Plus, new math discoveries are kinda cool, right?

You know how there are mathematical shapes like the square and the circle, the parallelogram and the trapezoid, the cylinder and the triangle? Did you think we were done finding shapes since it's 2018 and how could we still be finding shapes?

Well, surprise! It turns out there's a new shape — and it's probably inside of you RIGHT NOW.

This new shape is called the scutoid, and it is so named because of its similarity to the part of the beetle's thorax called the scutellum. For those of us who don't have an intimate relationship with any beetles, the shape is basically a bent prism. It has five slightly slanted sides with, effectively, a corner cut off.

Why does the scutoid exist? Well, it exists in epithelial cells so they can more easily traverse the curves of organs when they are packed tightly together.

Why does that matter? Well, in understanding the nature of organs so that we can, for example, craft better artificial replacements, understanding this new shape can help make it so artificial organs will better mimic their natural counterparts.

Also, we found a new shape and that's just neat!

That is your week in geek. Please spend your weekend sending #thoughtsandprayers to SYFY WIRE's Features Editor Jordan Zakarin, who just found out about that ALF reboot and doesn't know whether to apply to be executive producer or barricade himself in front of the studio to stop it from happening.

See you next week!

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