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The Week in Geek: Jordan Peele reveals Us, Daleks debut, and Black Mirror toys with us

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Dec 28, 2018, 2:30 PM EST

Christmas has come and gone and the holiday week is over. You either spent it chilling, or you were annoyed that so many people spent it chilling while you were at work. Most people were chilling in the entertainment world, though, because this week was quiet.

Yes, it seemed like not a story was stirring, not even a mouse story. I dunno. I got nothing. The point is that the week of Christmas is always kind of a dead one, but that doesn't mean nothing is up. So here they are: The five biggest stories from... the Week in Geek!

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Merry Christmas! Jordan Peele decided to celebrate by dropping the trailer for his next exploration of the deepest of gosh dang human anxieties.

The movie is called Us. It's about a family who run into evil duplicates of themselves while on a sweet beach vacay with Offred from The Handmaid's Tale.

Black Panther's breakout star Winston Duke is in it, giving people some dad feelings. Lupita Nyong'o is also there giving people Lupita Nyong'o feelings. If you check the IMDb page, it looks like Anna Diop (Starfire from Titans) is in it too? Dope!

Anyway, yeah. Jordan Peele is here with another scary scare. Thanks, Jordan.

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It's been a whopping 56 years since Benn Grimm met Alicia Masters in Fantastic Four #8. It wasn't exactly the happiest of beginnings, but lots of love stories start complicated. The happy news is that, after minimal shenanigans, Fantastic Four #5/650 is the story that finally puts these two lovebirds together. They're married. Mazel tov!

And here's the best part: Imperfect love is a beautiful, er... thing (get it?). Lots of us feel wrong on the outside, as though what we feel on the inside is never reflected through our external appearance. We all have flaws. Some of us are just lucky enough to find the people out there who will embrace those flaws. Ben Grimm has a chosen family, and now Alicia Masters is a part of that family.

So, if you haven't already picked up the double-sized issue that came out this week and you're craving an unabashedly beautiful love story, this is the one.



Does everyone remember the teaser trailer for the upcoming New Year's special episode of Doctor Who, "Resolution?" You remember how they vaguely referred to the most dangerous creature in the universe?

Yeah, it's the Daleks.

Most fans are not surprised at this news, but it is interesting the way it was revealed. The end of that last teaser literally just had the word "exterminate" added to the end of it. That's it! And, to be honest, isn't that a bit telling?

Plenty of people enjoyed this last season (including yours truly), but it's hard not to conclude that the reason for the Dalek reveal was a last-minute decision, and one designed to pull back in some of the longtime fans who gave up partway through because they felt the new season wasn't for them.

Good news, old fans! If your biggest complaint was that the show is too different and that you want something of the show as it was prior to Chibnall/Whittaker, you're getting it!

x men


2018 was the year Disney finally bought back the rights to control all the Marvel characters that Fox has had the movie rights to for the sum entirety of the 21st century thus far. In an interview with Variety's Playback podcast, Kevin Feige revealed that, with the Avengers about to run their course, it seems like 2019 might finally be the year Disney starts making X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool movies.

That can mean a lot of things, but, obviously, the big questions so far are: Will the X-Men and New Mutants movies already made see release, will Deadpool go full PG-13, and, of course, will we actually get a good Fantastic Four movie someday?

People have a lot of opinions about X-Men, not least of which is the overwhelming desire for there to be a Storm movie first out of the gate. Not sure how likely that is (a hard reset is probably necessary first), but a Storm movie is hardly out of the question.

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Black Mirror has really done it this time. This week saw the release of a feature-length episode of the Netflix nightmare series Black Mirror called "Bandersnatch." It's a story about a programmer who is creating a choose-your-own-adventure game based on a book written by a man who killed his wife.

The catch? The episode itself is a choose-your-own-adventure. And there are a lot of options! But how much control do you really have? Considering the episode just dropped, viewers are only just now learning how many paths they can take.

One fascinating element to a choose-your-own episode of television, though: You can't really half watch it. For example: I was trying to finish this article while watching Black Mirror, and that led me to accidentally make choices I didn't intend, because my focus had been split. It seems as though this is a new, weird, and kind of cool way to force TV viewers to remain fully engaged with what they're watching instead of tweeting or checking Instagram or doing a weekly news round-up, apparently. Neat! Also a little annoying when you're trying to hit a deadline. But mostly neat!

And that's it! The Week in Geek is over. Go in peace. But also let us know what you thought of these stories and what were the biggest stories of your week. Did you get caught up in that transistor blast in Astoria, Queens? I used to live a block from that spot, but not anymore. No superpowers for me, but maybe you got some? Sound off!