The Week in Geek: Krypton begins! X-Files ends! Shatner births! Pacific Rim rises!

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Mar 23, 2018, 8:24 PM EDT

I'm not sure how things were by you, but here in New York we had a blizzard even though it's nearly the end of March. So, with that in mind, most of us here are very happy to see the back of this very cold, very snowy spring week.

And while we dream of warmer days (I, for real, dreamed I was on a tropical island, that's how long this winter feels), it's worth revisiting the parts of the week that weren't frigid garbage. Here are the top five summary stories from... the week in geek!


I try not to make a big thing of SYFY content lest you readers catch the whiff of preferential treatment. But, genuinely, a lot of people are talking about the latest SYFY series, Krypton, which debuted this week.

Now, granted, a lot of people are talking about Krypton because they are asking, "Why do we need a show about Krypton? We already know that $#@! blows up." However, what you might not know is that (spoiler alert) there are some time-travel shenanigans going on, so... anything could happen. Explosion? Maybe. Maybe not.

Regardless, for now people are paying attention to this Superman prequel that isn't Smallville. Is a story about the fall of the House of El, a story focused on Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, who Superman has never met before, something that people will glom onto long-term? Will the obvious Game of Thrones influence help?

Honestly, I feel like that's the conversation right now, but people are talking. And we'll see in the weeks to come if that conversation turns more toward "Oh, hey, this Krypton show is pretty good" or not.



The 11th season finale of The X-Files aired this week. Scully's superpowered son kinda died, but then didn't. But now she's miracle pregnant again? Skinner might be dead? The Smoking Man is maybe, definitely, probably dead, but, no, for real this time?

Gillian Anderson is done. That much we do know. And, by and large, so is the fandom, it seems. After multiple happy returns to the most famous TV show about weirdo conspiracy theories, it's starting to feel like The X-Files can never match how weird the conspiracy theories have become in real life. I mean, there's a dedicated group of Flat Earthers out there, y'all. I'm not sure we need a show emboldening this stuff right now.

But people did watch The X-Files this season. Nostalgia was felt. And now, largely, there is a feeling of finality, for better or worse.


I wish I could say that there was literally a physical trailer with a picture of Deadpool on the side of it released this week instead of more clips from the Merc With a Mouth's first (and likely only) sequel.

But, yeah: There's more footage of Deadpool 2 out there. He's in stiletto heels! He's taking care of gluten! He's grabbing Colossus' ass! Terry from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is there and I assume he loves yogurt!

Yeah, it looks pretty good. There's also a mystery X-Man and a kid that Deadpool is supposed to take care of that Cable wants dead. So there were juicy plot details, if that's what you're crazy in lust for.

Mostly, though, it just looks like a funny movie where Deadpool crosses his arms over his chest like he's in Wakanda, but he's actually talking about X-Force. Love that sweet, sweet corporate synergy!


The sequel to Guillermo del Toro's love song to giant robots vs. equally giant monsters, Pacific Rim, has faced many trials on its way to daylight. First, del Toro split to make award-winning fish @#$fest movie The Shape of Water. Then original lead, Charlie Hunnam, was like, "YO, PEACE!" (actual quote). Three different scripts and one John Boyega later and Pacific Rim: Uprising is finally in theaters.

And, hey: Despite a soft box-office prediction, this is still probably going to be the first movie to make more money domestically than Black Panther in, what? Six weeks? That alone is newsworthy.

But the other story I suspect will come out of this weekend is that, despite less-than-stellar critical buzz, most people like Pacific Rim: Uprising. It is exactly what you were expecting -- an exciting action movie where robots fight alien, interdimensional dinosaur monsters. If that sounds fun to you, then wow, shock, get this, hang onto your hats -- you'll probably like Pacific Rim: Uprising.

But there will almost unquestionably also (mild spoilers) be conversations about the role Mako Mori plays, the role Raleigh Beckett does NOT play, and the nature of the villain. Pacific Rim: Uprising -- it's got some layers you might not expect.

And it's the best Power Rangers movie ever.


Hey! Do you like social media? Do you like memes? Do you like... William Shatner?

Well, good! Shatner celebrated his 87th birthday this week. Pretty incredible by anyone's standards. I'm 50 years younger than that and I already feel like I'm in extra innings. So your captain and mine's continued time on this terrestrial plane is worth celebrating. And how do you do that? By adding him to EVERYTHING.

Good job, internet.

And that's it. Your week in geek is... complete. Brain Games is now over. Go in peace. We'll see you again next week, when, and I swear to Rao this better be true, there will be NO MORE SNOW.