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The Week in Geek: Marvel drops two huge trailers while Tumblr kicks a lot of communities to the curb

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Dec 7, 2018

You did it. The week is over. You made it to the end. Or did the week make it to the end of you? Wait, have I been looking at time wrong this whole, uh... time? Is it the universe impatiently waiting for our deaths rather than the other way around? Is our extinction the equivalent of Father/Mother/Nonbinary Time's weekend?

I'm stressing myself out. Let's decompress, shall we? Here they are: the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!

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Yes, it's true. The second Captain Marvel trailer dropped this week. And as if to answer the judgment of people who didn't like seeing Brie Larson punch a nice old lady in the face, we're told from the start that said lady is actually a Skrull.

Listen, I think it would have been much better if Carol was just punching an old woman. "That's not your mum! She's a Skrull, baby!" But what do I know? Guess we can table this conversation until the next Austin Powers movie.

Anyway, the trailer is good. We get more Jude Law, we get more Skrulls, we get more Kree, we get more Sam Jackson looking young. And, obviously, we get to see Carol's cat.

Yes, it's a sad fact that the cat's name has been changed from "Chewie" to "Goose," but, on the plus side, the toys seem to suggest that said cat will continue to lay eggs, have tentacles, and also hide pocket dimensions in their mouth.

You get it. Good trailer is good. Moving on.


Doesn't sound so bad, does it? A website saying, hey, we've decided we want our site to be available for safe viewing regardless of age. Nice to have a safe space on an increasingly hostile internet, right?

That's certainly what chief executive Jeff D'Onofrio would like you to think. "There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content," D'Onofrio wrote on Monday in a blog post. "We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community."

And so as of December 17, tumblr will no longer allow images, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or "female presenting nipples."

But that's not really where the story ends. And, even if it did end there, you'd not be blamed for acknowledging that, well, there aren't actually many social media sites out there that make sharing adult content very easy.

Instagram, for example, also does not allow "female presenting nipples" (or a lot of women's bodies, honestly). YouTube is often the same way. Patreon is also enacting similar guidelines.

I know the term "lewds" might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, but the fact is that an awful lot of people who are models, cam-girls, sex workers, and about a million other permutations of people who make a living through the exchange of sexy feel-good times for money now find themselves with yet another avenue closed to them.

And the erasure of sex work is just a start to the consequence of removing "adult content." Artists who draw or write all things sexually explicit are also out on their collective bottoms. That impacts you, fanfiction writers and readers. After all, Sam and Dean Winchester doing the brotherly nasty isn't going to tumbl much longer either.

If YouTube's policies are anything to go on, any LGBTQ+ content will be in the same boat. Because, remember, kids: When a man and a woman kiss, that's wholesome. But if a man and a man do the same: That's filthy! And don't be trans or nonbinary at all. That's just too adult even if you're a child!

These are the consequences we're talking about from a fan perspective. Your geeky burlesque folks, your favorite artist who makes their living sometimes drawing or writing to their audience's kink, and literally the entire LGBT+ community all face the chop under the guise of the simple euphemism "adult content." Maybe you, specifically, will be impacted?

Tumblr has, until now, been a home for an uncountable number of people, young and old, finding a comfortable space to explore their identities, even the sides that maybe aren't quite so easily accepted in the real world. After December 17, that home is gone. And, once you see it that way, it does sound pretty bad after all, doesn't it?

Black Panther, suit

Credit: Marvel Studios


Thursday saw the nominations for the coming 2019 Golden Globes announced. And while, in another article, someone should probably discuss how, once again, women directors are being erased (and what about Ryan Coogler?), we're going to focus on some of the fun, happy stuff.

For example, Black Panther is up for Best Original Score, Best Original Score, and, perhaps most importantly, Best Motion Picture - Drama! That's right. For the first time ever a superhero movie is up for that last award.

It's a nice award season overall. Mary Poppins Returns is up for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, and Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda are up for best actress and actor, respectively, for the same film.

Incredibles 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, and A Quiet Place also got well-deserved nominations. On the TV side, The Handmaid's Tale, Outlander, The Good Place, and GLOW each got some love. All in all, a pretty good year for genre.


Maybe this news will fly under your radar. One of the nice things about a news round-up is that sometimes it can be used to sneak something into your feed you would otherwise miss, but is still valuable and even a little important.

In the midst of a lot of gaming news this week, there was 2018 Game Awards. A new Mortal Kombat game was announced. There was some Persona 5/Smash Bros DLC revealed. Crash Team Racing has a remake coming out? That's awesome.

But the best gaming news was Domonique "SonicFox" McLean taking home the award from Best Esports Player. He talked about how much he loves playing games competitively, how he's been able to help people with the money he's made — and then he talked about being gay and being a furry:

"I guess I just gotta say that I’m gay, black, a furry — pretty much everything a Republican hates — and the best esports player of the whole year, I guess!"

The gaming community has a pretty bad reputation. There are certainly many ways in which that rep is deserved. But here's something that most news outlets won't talk about because it's not as click-baity: Gaming cons and the gaming community has a thriving, supportive queer community. If you go to gaming cons, you will encounter so many ways that people express their identities and are celebrated for doing so.

McLean represents that part of gaming. Seeing him up on that stage being unapologetically black, gay, AND a furry is good for the gaming community's soul because it affirms the inclusivity that community is capable of.


There's a new Avengers trailer. And Hawkeye is suuuuuuch a drama queen in it.

Anyway, that's the news, friends! What news was big in your world, and what did you think of these stories? Let us know and we'll see you again next week!

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