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The Week in Geek: People like Swamp Thing a lot! Comics gonna get bought! Why is it so hot?!

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May 4, 2018, 12:14 PM EDT (Updated)

Hey! You did it! Another week in the books. How was yours? Here, in New York City we did that thing we love so much: going from 40 degree weather to 90! It reminds me of that episode of the Twilight Zone, "The Midnight Sun," where a woman dreams the Earth has spun out of orbit and is hurtling towards the sun, but she's actually dreaming and it's moving away from the sun and everyone's going to freeze to death. Great episode.

Anyway, besides living out our own, depressing version of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie, what else is going on? Not a ton. It's the week after Avengers: Infinity War (which we'll talk about more, and in hushed tones, in a moment), so most marketers are waiting for excitement from the most-anticipated movie of the year to die a little more. But there's stuff! And here is said stuff — the 5 biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Avengers: Infinity War just had the largest domestic opening, worldwide opening, opening in just about every country around the world, on every day, ever. We can talk about that. But what's kind of wild about Marvel's biggest movie is that, somehow, despite seemingly everyone on Earth having seen it, if you say one word, it's still a spoiler... somehow.

So, I guess we won't talk about Infinity War any more beyond, yes, it made a lot of money, and, yes, people are making special chat rooms to talk about how much they love/hate the movie, because even saying that is a spoiler, apparently. By the way, a bunch of jokes about spoilers are here.

But, here. If you're still avoiding spoilers, have this image which spoils nothing, but is delightful. And speaking of delightful...


That other Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, the one that is doing its best to stand out from the insane juggernaut that is Infinity War, dropped a trailer this week.

It's good!

We get a better sense of who Ghost is, we have a larger understanding of the relationship between, you know, Ant-Man and... the Wasp. Lawrence Fishburne is there and he and Paul Rudd compare who can, uh... grow the biggest. So, if you were looking for erection jokes in your Marvel movie, you're in luck!

Mostly, though, it's the trailer where we finally get more of Michael Peña's Luis, and that's what matters the most.


May 5 marks the 16th annual Free Comic Book Day, a holiday that exists both to offer young readers a chance to get to read comic books for nothing, but also for brick and mortar shops to try and get out of the red after a long and lackluster winter.

There's some good stuff out this year. Brian K. Vaughn's Barrier is in there. There's a brand new Ghost in the Shell story that's got people buzzing. Vault Comics has a new story called Maxwell's Demons that looks dope. Meanwhile, Invader Zim, The Tick, and Adventure Time all offer strong options for your younger kids to read.

As someone who worked in a comic book store for many years, it's a great excuse to get out there, support your local shop (for real, buy something while you are there), and maybe give your kids a shot at discovering a life-long passion for art.

Swamp Thing

Credit: DC Comics


Marvel has had a relationship with Netflix for most of its streaming shows for a little while now, but most of DC's series are still relegated to live TV more than streaming.

But after having heard about series like Titans, Young Justice Outsiders, and Harley Quinn, it was finally revealed that, yes, DC has got its own streaming service coming.

And, in addition to the series we'd already heard about, the biggest news of all is that James Wan, director of Aquaman, and one of the biggest names in 21st-century horror, will be producing a Swamp Thing series.

Swamp Thing is, in my opinion at least, easily one of DC's most interesting characters. Whether you're talking about Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson's original stuff, the quintessential Alan Moore run, or even the more recent Scott Snyder/Yannick Paquette New 52 run (which I highly recommend, by the way), Swamp Thing is both distinct and infinitely adaptable.

I'm not going to badmouth the Swamp Thing movies, but, let's just say, I think someone can do better. Maybe that someone will be James Wan!



I don't want to suggest that theatre geeks aren't geeks. They are. Heck, I was one in high school. But that does not always translate to the success of nerdy properties when they are adapted for the Great White Way.

But while I was stuck doing high school productions of Mame and Anything Goes as Les Miserables and Rent found success on Broadway, this year's Tony Awards saw a stunning number of nominations for the Spongebob musical (yes, there is a Spongebob musical) and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Mean Girls, which is infinitely meme-able, got 12 nominations. Frozen scored a few.

In short: It's kind of a dope time to go see a Broadway show if you're a nerd for something other than a good box step.

And that's it. A quiet week reaches its close. The only thing left to say is May the Fourth be with you. Feel free to rewatch all the Star Wars movies and shows (and especially the Holiday Special!). Just don't expect it to be spring in New York City. We only do the two hells here: freezing and hot as @#$!.

See you next week!

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