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The Week in Geek: Sarah Connor and Star Trek are back! Plus, Luke Cage and dinosaurs, baby!

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Jun 22, 2018

What a week. All I can say is, at least it's over. And if you didn't catch any nerdy news at all because there was no way to pull your focus from other, real life things going on, who could blame you?

Well, give yourself permission to take a break. These are the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Three years ago, the Jurassic Park franchise returned for the first time in nearly 15 years. It was, at least from a financial standpoint, worth the wait. With over $1 billion made just in international sales alone, Jurassic World blew passed every expectation.

But Jurassic World also had some harsh critics, myself included. For such a successful outing, there were an awful lot of hot takes about women running in high heels, women being devoured by giant dinosaurs, Chris Pratt playing his least likable character that wasn't from Passengers...

So the question is, what's the buzz on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and can this sequel keep the financial success going? Well, it is aiming north of a $100 million opening in North America, so that's good. And it's already looking good for pre-sales, too.

But is Fallen Kingdom more palatable to critics? The answer is mixed. This week, Fallen Kingdom dipped down to a 53% Rotten Tomatoes rating compared with the 71% of the previous film.

There probably won't be as many hot takes about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but that doesn't necessarily translate to success. I'll say this -- there are way more satisfying deaths. And Jeff Goldblum is there, too.


Netflix has not exactly had a solid track record lately when it comes to Marvel properties. Iron Fist. The Defenders. Jessica Jones had a second season featuring the death of every black woman they bothered to throw on screen. And Daredevil's second season didn't exactly light the world on fire either.

Luke Cage, for his own part, had a solid outing the first time around, provided you forget about the second half of the season. So how does he fair this time compared to his Defenders teammates.

Good news, everyone. It's all good. At least I think so. Luke Cage's sophomore season is easily the best Netflix Marvel outing in years. Luke gets some great complexity, Shades is actually interesting, Misty Knight gets one hell of a baller hero's journey, and Mariah might just be in the top three best Marvel baddies of all time.

Everybody shines, but I give special credit to Alfre Woodard who absolutely kills as Mariah. And Bushmaster is great, too. Even Danny Rand is tolerable! Hopefully, Luke Cage will be the shot in the arm Netflix and Marvel need to get back on track. And give us a Daughters of the Dragon series.


I'm not here to throw shade at Lena Headey or Emilia Clarke, but there's only one, true Sarah Connor, and her name is Linda Hamilton.

And much like Jamie Lee Curtis' return has rejuvenated interest in the long-flagging Halloween franchise, it is possible that only Linda Hamilton can save Terminator after Genisys. And Salvation. And Rise of the Machines.

Seriously, the Terminator franchise has been rough since Hamilton departed about Terminator 2: Judgment Day aka one of the greatest action films of all time. It's been so bad that many people, myself included, have said it's probably best to let the Terminator movies die and stay dead.

But here's Linda Hamilton on set and all of the sudden there's hope again. No fate but what we make, indeed. Linds Hamilton might just make Terminator cool again.


Alex Kurtzman just inked a $25 million deal to bring more Star Trek to the small screen. And not just Discovery, but a whole world full of Star Trek possibilities, including a rumored return of Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Which would be very cool.

It's hard not to think of all the things you want from Star Trek when news like this drops, while simultaneously stealing yourself for the worst. Will there be a Khan origin story? Is that really necessary? Is there literally any chance at all that we will really get a story set after Star Trek: Voyager, because it has been a minute.

My vote, as always, is for a story about a captured Starfleet officer keeping himself alive in the belly of a Klingon Bird of Prey by regaling his captors with stories from Earth's most famous playwright. We would, of course, see these stories through a Klingon lens as the officer has to make minor alterations to keep his enemy's interest. The title of the series? Klingon Shakespeare. You're welcome, everyone. I will accept my portion of the $25 million at any time.


After the stunning box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney has decided that maybe right now is not the best time to make a Boba Fett movie. Or an Obi-Wan movie. Or... really any other movies set in that nebulous "Star Wars Story" space. Considering all the behind-the-scenes problem that have been happening, I don't think anyone can blame them.

But someone we can blame for being the worst is the "team of producers" (sure, okay) behind the Twitter account, Remake The Last Jedi. They claim they can pull together $200 million in order to generate a corrected version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You know, like, one where Luke Skywalker, white boy extraordinaire, gets to be the hero... or whatever. Very original. Never been done before. Wow.

I know I promised a break from real-world goings-on, but, if someone could actually put together $200 million and they use it to rewrite Star Wars more white instead of, oh, I dunno, using that money to help real-life refugees? I'm just putting out there. Maybe read the room, guys.

Anyway, that's your week in geek. Let's all hope next week is better.

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