The Week in Geek: The Incredibles are back! Chris Evans don't crack! Steve Trevor? Also back!

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Jun 15, 2018, 6:30 PM EDT

Hey! You did it! The week's over and you survived! And, if you're in the New York City area like me, you might have noticed that it's... finally nice out? I hope it's nice out wherever you are, too.

But enough talk about the "outside world." Yuck! Who needs it? Here are the top 5 biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


Incredibles 2 dropped this week. I have seen it and I will tell you that the opening is just the creative team talking about the fact that it took 14 years to get around to this sequel.

Is it... worth the wait? I mean, that is for you to decide (and it seems like a lot of you have decided to see it in droves). I will say that the sequel is not breaking any huge ground. As Mr. Incredible says, "Math is math," so I'm not sure they needed to change much.

But there will, I suspect, be a lot of people with opinions about villain motivations and, even more so, thoughts about some of the other heroes that appear. Void. That's all I'll say. Gonna be a lot of Voidpinions. That's my prediction.


The Electronics Expo du 2018 just happened. Lots of games got new trailers and announcements. There's a new Smash Brothers coming out with everyone but Waluigi (people are so mad, myself included), Sony apparently really loves a samurai because there are multiple games involving them, and, of course, there's Kojima's new game Death Stranding which seems to be powered by... fetus? Yeah, the more you know about this one, the more questions you're gonna have.

But the biggest stories coming out of E3 were, unsurprisingly, the more "political" ones. Ellie from The Last of Us series kissed a girl. Some people said it was a "friend kiss." LOL.

And then there's Battlefield 5, a game that dared to have, gasp, women in it! (Some) people (sexists) got mad about it. Because, you know, women didn't exist prior to, like, I dunno, 1982 or whatever, I guess.

But, good news if you hate garbage opinions: both company and community leaders are kinda done with this line of thinking. EA's chief creative officer, Patrick Soderlund, actually said of the angry gamers, "You have two choices: either accept it, or don't buy the game. I'm fine with either or." And, if that's not enough for you, the subreddit about Battlefield 5 actually banned all conversations about "historical accuracy."

So, yeah. Downside, the gaming community is still gross, but, good news, if leaders in the games community can actually stick with this no tolerance party, maybe the rest of us will actually be able to enjoy games again!


So, big news this week — I am older than Chris Evans. Also, it is Chris' birthday and everyone is so happy that perfect, T-shaped cinnamon roll is still out there being the Captain America we can believe in and not that comic book version who was a secret Nazi for a while.

Happy birthday, one of the Marvel Chris's! We can all tell which one you are.

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 2

Source: Patty Jenkins


And speaking of Chris's, if you were wondering (get it) what's happening with the new Wonder Woman movie, wonder (please clap at my joke) no longer. The next Wonder flick will be Wonder Woman 1984, and, surprise, surprise, it will feature some kinda version of Steve Trevor.

Is this a Winter Soldier situation? Is this a clone? Did the gods bring Steve back? Is this a Steve descendent? SO. MANY. STEVE. THOUGHTS.

Of course the biggest question of all is whether or not it will be worth bringing Steve back. On the one hand, Pine and Gadot have solid chemistry, on the other hand, Trevor's death was meaningful.

Well, at least we don't have to wonder (okay, I'm done now) anymore?


Well this is a drag. Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, who had been running the Star Trek TV ship, just got ousted from Discovery. And it's sad less because of their absence and more because, allegedly, they were super shouty and unkind to the writing team.

Alex Kurtzman is stepping back in for a stronger lead role. This, of course, also comes after both Bryan Fuller and Akiva Goldsman leaving Star Trek: Discovery, which makes you wonder what the heck is going on over there. I shan't be speculating this day, but let's all hope Discovery can get its house in order. After all, everyone wants Star Trek to be fun and progressive and good, right? Right.

And that's it. Your week is over. Go in peace. Maybe see yourself an Incredibles movie, and if you happen to have a Steve Trevor theory, let us know. We love Steve Trevor theories.