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The weird, abandoned, and mythical theme parks of America [Ep #60]

Aug 28, 2019, 2:04 PM EDT (Updated)

The only things that theme park junkies like more than a brand-new ride or attraction are an old ride or attraction that no longer exists — and bonus points if they never existed at all.

Marvels of technology and capitalism, theme parks chart the course of American (and later international) expansion, innovation, and hubris. They have had incredible highs — literally, on modern roller coasters — and terrible lows — looking at you, Action Park — as they've developed from the now-quaint revolution of Disneyland to sprawling entertainment complexes that bring in tens of millions of visitors per year. And no one documents the history of theme parks in detail as illuminating as Defunctland, Kevin Perjurer's wildly popular YouTube channel.

Defunctland puts special emphasis on the rides and attractions that have gone by the wayside, telling the behind-the-scenes and above-the-clouds stories of the American theme park. Perjurer joined The Fandom Files on this week's episode to talk about how he got his start, his research process, his travels, and some of the weirder stories he's come across on his adventures through theme parks.

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