The West Coast Avengers have arrived, and they seriously need a Tony Stark

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Aug 22, 2018

Marvel’s long-awaited comic book revival of the West Coast Avengers has just landed, and the decades since their last appearance have led the grubby gang toward a decidedly modern approach to bankrolling their present-day heroics: shacking up in an L.A. crib and becoming aspiring reality stars in their own docu-series. 

Hey, when there’s no Tony Stark waiting in the wings to throw money (and overpowered robots) at every problem, a superhero’s gotta eat. The all-new series, from writer Kelly Thompson (HawkeyeRogue & Gambit) and artist Stefano Caselli (Avengers), brings Marvel’s lowbrow, comic-relief B team to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back for the first time since Avengers West Coast (as the original West Coast Avengers series was then known) ended its run back in 1994. 

Check out an inside glimpse from Issue #1 below, as well as a look forward to alternate covers from Issues #2 and #3.







Leading the charge against sunny L.A.’s darkest forces of evil is Hawkeye (aka Kate Bishop), who brings the team together after the bad guys have a light-bulb moment and realize the west coast, with no heroes to protect it, makes for one heck of an easy target. Hanging out with Kate at the pad are some familiar names, as well as some newcomers we’ll just have to wait to discover. 

There’s Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye), of course, flanked by ripped and sassy America Chavez, the quirky Gwenpool (aka Gwen Poole), the gaffe-prone Fuse (aka Johnny Watts), and motormouthed telepath Kid Omega (aka Quentin Quire). As for the new guy or gal? It’s probably someone who’s fighting for the wrong side. “We’ve got landsharks, giant Tigra, and another unexpected weird surprise character,” Thompson said, via Marvel’s release

It’ll be interesting to see how these guys handle their own reality-show spotlight, especially with Kate’s leadership impulses coming into constant conflict with this motley bunch’s set of strong personalities. West Coast Avengers #1 is out in the wild on store shelves now.

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