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The Whisperers: Walking Dead showrunner promises deep dive into the psyche of Samantha Morton's Alpha

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Jan 9, 2019, 11:51 AM EST

When AMC's The Walking Dead returns next month for the second half of Season 9, the show's band of human survivors will face a strange threat they've only started to scratch the surface of, The Whisperers.

As you probably know by this point, this bizarre group of humans wear the skin of Walkers in order to travel among them. It'd be a pretty ingenious survival tool if they weren't all batsh** crazy, led by the even crazier Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst).

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner, Angela Kang, promised viewers will learn a lot about The Whisperers, especially their top leader.

"Part of the story will reveal — pretty early on in the back half of the season — the way that Alpha thinks and the way that she moves about the world," Kang said. "I think what is really interesting about them is that to put on the skin of a dead person and walk around in the world and walk around amidst walkers, that really takes a certain kind of a person."

Morton — whose impressive genre pedigree includes Steven Spielberg's Minority Report and J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them — will most likely scare the pants off of you. Remember that skin-crawling teaser from a few weeks back? Well, that's nothing compared to what you'll see in Morton's performance. Luckily, she's a real sweetheart in real life and not, as her character would make you believe, a zombie skin-wearing maniac.

"[Samantha's] fantastic," Kang continued. "I’m so surprised by the things that she does, in a way where I’m like, 'That’s so much better than what I imagined this woman could be.' She’s just such an interesting and deep actor. We’ve really loved having her. She’s so nice, too. Could not be a nicer person. The entire cast just loves her. The crew loves her. She’s been absolutely wonderful and such a good presence to have and very serious about what she does, in the best way. She deep-dives, man. She’s awesome."

The Walking Dead's ninth season returns to AMC on Sunday, February 10.