the wicked + the divine

The Wicked + The Divine creators tease series' impending end in 2019, and what's in store

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Jan 2, 2018, 2:21 PM EST

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s pop-infused exploration of mortality, identity, and the supernatural came attached with a built-in ending. The timer on The Wicked + The Divine has been ticking since the Image Comic debuted because that’s just how the story goes.

Now, with the final issues in sight, the creators are discussing the series’ approaching end, mostly through semi-cryptic tweets with parentheticals noting the end of the comic.

Take a look:

After some digging, it was revealed that there are two more story arcs left in the comic before it ends, with proper soundtracks to accompany:

What did we tell you? Relatively straightforward, but still a solid piece of narrative info for fans anticipating the comic’s close with dread, even if the series may be coming to TV.

Following up on McKelvie’s tweets in an effort to set the record straight on what lies ahead, Gillen clarified the following:

So it looks like fans have a bit more to hold on to than some would have you believe, but the series will end in 2019 regardless of its creators’ resolutions to be efficient artists. That said, the sooner they wrap on that production, the more new projects they’ll be freed up to work on — as McKelvie teased with his hints at pursuing a new music video (after creating an absolute banger for Chvrches’ “Bury It”).