The winning entry in Blastr's pumpkin-carving contest + 20 more!

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Apr 29, 2019, 8:04 AM EDT (Updated)

Last month, we asked you to pick up a carving knife and hack and slash some pumpkins into works of sci-fi art for a chance to win a Syfy-branded iPod nano in our pumpkin-carving competition. Now that you've flooded us with entries, and Halloween is over, David Hewlett, aka Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis, has chosen the winner!

And which pumpkin did Hewlett—who you can follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/dhewlett—think the best? "Got to be Vader Unmasked, that is just unbelievably cool!!"

Congrats to James Hall!

As for his second favorite, that was a pumpkin by Angela Hayes that Hewlett had a soft spot for: "Runner up would have to go to the suck-up pumpkin Mckay'd!"

Check out the winner—and 20 other awesome entries—below.

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