The world of men is ending in first trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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Feb 27, 2017, 1:30 PM EST

Admit it. You've been waiting for a sequel to the award-winning 2014 video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ever since the ending when protagonist Talion declared that the time has come for a new ring of power to defeat Sauron forevermore.

Now you only have to wait until August 2017, when Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith will be releasing a sequel, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. We have a trailer for you below.

I'm very excited. I loved Shadow of Mordor. It wasn't just an open-world game; it's practically an open-world combat system. Each enemy Uruk has his own strengths and weaknesses, which means the methods you use to take out one captain out may not work on another. Any interaction with your enemies had ramifications on the way the game played out. Disfigure an enemy, and he'll want his revenge. Get yourself killed (don't worry — you come back), and your slayer will taunt you for it later. Damn, that's cold.

Not only that, if an Uruk gets his meathooks into you, he levels up and becomes more powerful. In other words, you create your own arch-nemesis.

Combat was gloriously messy and fun. If Shadow of War is anywhere near as engaging as the trailer, it's going to ... holy smokes, is that a Balrog?! And I thought taking out the Uruk was tricksy ...

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