The world's sickest, funniest card game now has a Doctor Who version

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Jan 22, 2014

Just when you thought Cards Against Humanity couldn't get any better, get ready for the Doctor Who version.

If you've never played Cards Against Humanity, allow us to offer a quick summary: It's a party game "for horrible people" that works much like the family classic Apples to Apples, only much filthier. There are two kinds of cards: black cards and white cards. Players take turns drawing a single black card off the deck, and then everyone else submits a white card or cards that best match what's written on the black card. The result is a series of hilarious (and often hilariously awful) combinations. The game's official website has a ticker that's constantly showing new pairings, but for example: The black card could read "Why do I hurt all over?" and the accompanying white cards could say anything from "Obesity" to "Space muffins" to "Scientology." You get the idea.

One of the best things about Cards Against Humanity is that it's published under a Creative Commons license, which means you can both download the cards for free and -- so long as you publish it under the same license and promise not to sell it -- create spinoff decks of your very own.

Comedy group Conventional Improv took advantage of the Creative Commons aspect of the game recently and created Cards Against Gallifrey, a Doctor Who-themed version that's just as naughty and unpredictable as the original game. At first, Cards Against Gallifrey was something only the group had, and they played out rounds in a game-show format live at their convention shows, but in honor of Who's 50th anniversary in November, they decided to release the cards online as a free download. So now you can print out the game on cardstock, shuffle up the deck and giggle with your friends as you pair "Who is going to be the Doctor's next companion?" with "Slitheen farts."

The full Cards Against Gallifrey deck can be viewed on imgur and downloaded at dropcanvas, but we put images of some of our favorite (and slightly NSFW) cards in the gallery below for you to get a little preview. 

(Via io9)

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