The 100 questions Lost better answer or we'll be pissed

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The Powers That Be over at Lost have been saying that the sixth and final season will answer our questions—most of them, anyway—while it changes the game for our favorite mysterious island survivors. Well, we've compiled a list of things they'd better answer. Or else.

To recap: Jack's theory that setting off the bomb would reset everything and keep the plane from crashing in the first place is as good as any theory we've heard about the island or the survivors since the show started.

According to the producers, actors who played dead characters are returning. Juliet hit that bomb and the screen went white. Could resetting things in 1977 reset Jacob's death?

Well, call us skeptical, but we're thinking it isn't that easy. After all, they've got 18 hours of Lost to fill, and there's a whole heap of questions that better be answered or the producers will not be able to find a time-traveling island to take them far enough away or a hatch deep enough to hide out in. In fact, if they don't give us some satisfying answers, even death will not protect them from our wrath. We will haunt them or ghostbust them if we have to.

So just to be fair, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, J.J. Abrams and all of Lost's writers and producers, here is a list of questions we want answered ... and those answers had better start happening on premiere night, Tuesday, Feb. 2, aka Groundhog Day, or we'll be as mad as a polar bear stuck on a tropical island or a smoke monster without a cigarette.

And we'll be keeping track, starting the night after the season premiere and every week after that, to see just how many of these questions get answers.

Do you have others? Post them in the comment section, and if enough of you want them answered, we'll add them to the list.

Here are our initial 100 questions the producers had better answer:

1. Who is Jacob?
2. Is he good or is he evil?
3. How old is he?
4. What's up with the Loophole Guy?
5. Why does he need a loophole, and which one did he find?
6. Why does the Loophole Guy hate Jacob?
7. Is Jacob really dead?
8. Is Locke dead?
9. Is Juliet dead?
10. Did Jughead really blow up when the screen turned to white?
11. Why would the other survivors follow Jack's crackpot plan anyway?
12. Seriously, who says yes to blowing up the island to restart time anyway?

13. If so, did time reset and keep the Oceanic 815 from crashing?
14. Will Juliet and Sawyer find each other again if it did?
15. Will Kate and Jack finally get their act together and find true love?
16. What kind of damage would an explosion from a hydrogen bomb create?
17. And what the heck does any of this have to do with the survivors?
18. What's the deal with the four-toed statue?
19. If it was really a statue of the Egyptian goddess Taweret, why was it built?
20. Who broke it?
21. Why did Jacob live beneath it?
22. What happened to Ben's friend Annie?
23. Why does Dr. Pierre Chang use aliases?

24. What's the smoke monster?
25. Why does it have a taste for some people and not others?
26. What's up with the ash around Jacob's cabin?
27. Who broke the ash circle, and what does that mean?
28. How was the cabin able to change locations?
29. Why did Jacob stop using the cabin?
30. Why did the Oceanic Six have to go back?
31. Why did Miles decide to stay on the island?
32. What's up with the blast door map?

33. What happened to Claire?
34. Why did psychic Richard Malkin insist Claire raise Aaron?
35. What's up with Claire's implant?
36. Who is Richard Alpert really, and why doesn't he age?
37. How or why does the island heal people?
38. What's going on with the pregnancies?
39. What's the deal with Christian?
40. Why doesn't he just go off and be dead and leave Jack alone?
41. Who are Adam and Eve, the skeletons found in the caves?
42. What did the black and white stones on their bodies mean?
43. Why did DHARMA and the Others allow Rousseau's distress signal to continue to be transmitted?

44. Are Hurley's numbers really cursed?
45. Why is Walt special?
46. Why did Walt warn Locke not to open the hatch?
47. What happened to Walt in Room 23?
48. Why did Walt appear to other survivors dripping wet?
49. Why'd they kill off Charlie? We liked Charlie!
50. Will Charlie be back?
51. What's up with Libby?
52. Why was she a patient at Santa Rosa?
53. Why did she end up in Australia and on board Flight 815?
54. How much did it suck that Libby was killed before Hurley could get lucky?

55. Where does the donkey wheel come from?
56. How does it work?
57. How did Desmond get his clothes blown off after the hatch implosion?
58. How did Locke and Eko escape?
59. How did Penelope know to look for a magnetic anomaly?
60. How did Ben really become the leader of the Others?
61. Who's on Jacob's list, and what does it mean?
62. Why did Jacob diss Ben by not communicating with him while he was leader?
63. What's up with the Temple?
64. Why does Ben say that the Temple is for Others only?
65. Does the Monster have a connection with the Temple?
66. Was the ship that Jacob and Loophole Guy see sailing the Black Rock?
67. How did the ship end up in the middle of the jungle?
68. What happened to the crew?
69. Why is the ship's log important to Charles Widmore?

70. What are Widmore's plans for the island?
71. Who built the Lamp Post?
72. How did Eloise become the caretaker of the station?
73. Does Widmore know about it?
74. What's up with Charles Widmore, anyway?
75. Does he suck as a dad, or what?
76. What happened to the people the Others kidnapped?
77. What's up with the whispers?
78. Who's whispering?
79. Why did Jacob go touch each of the survivors in the past?
80. Why were these survivors chosen?
81. Why didn't Jacob try to protect himself when Ben stabbed him?
82. What is Ilana's connection to Jacob?
83. What favor did he ask of her?
84. Why did she order the cabin to be burned?
85. How much does she really know about the island?

86. What is Frank a candidate for?
87. Why did the supply drops continued after the Purge?
88. How do they find the island to make those drops?
89. Who is Henry Gale really, and how did he break his neck?
90. Who buried him?
91. Why isn't the island done with Desmond yet?
92. Who did the glass eye belong to, and why was it left in the Arrow?
93. What's up with the trouble between Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore?
94. How did the feud start between Ben and Widmore?
95. What are the Rules?
96. How did the death of Alex change the Rules?
97. Will Sun and Jin ever get a chance to live happily ever after?
98. Will any of the survivors get a chance to live happily ever after?
99. Will the smoke monster get a chance to live happily ever after?
100. Will we be satisfied with the way Lost ends?

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