The 13 must-have sci-fi toys you'll want to own this year

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

The 108th annual American International Toy Fair is just about ready to pack it in for another year, and toy companies from every corner of the globe revealed there's going to be plenty of sci-fi goodness to buy on store shelves in 2011. From Star Wars to superheroes, there's a lot to covet.

But outside of the big licenses, we also found many other weird and wonderful playthings to behold. We'll take one of each, please ...

Hasbro Sentinel figure with Wolverine

Following in the big toy pants of last year's Galactus figure, Hasbro presents the 16-inch hulking robotic Sentinel, ready to stomp humanity. It comes loaded with battle noises and a feisty little 3.75-inch Wolverine so you can play the Marvel Universe version of David and Goliath. Available in fall 2011 for $49.99.

Bad Robot maquette

If you like anything J.J. Abrams does, then you'll recognize this little red robot, who's the mascot for his Bad Robot production company. This limited-edition maquette, which stands 10 inches tall, comes with an accessory Slusho drink (hello, Cloverfield!). It's a bit pricey at $89.99, but if Lost, Fringe, Alias or the new Star Trek movie is in your DVD collection, this little guy might just be for you.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Fountain of Youth playset

Spoiler alert: this particular playset captures a pivotal moment in Jack Sparrow's search for the legendary Fountain of Youth in the upcoming movie, but it's only LEGOs, folks. It's not that revelatory. Plus, we love that this playset comes with the fountain and a skeleton, which doesn't bode well for Jack, Barbossa and Blackbeard (also included). Available in May 2011 for $19.99.

Lost Polar Bear Bobble head

Yes, Lost ended last May, but some fans didn't hate the ending and actually still are mourning the island. Bif Bang Pow feel their pain and are expanding their popular bobblehead line to include Jack, Desmond, Sawyer and a pre-blown-up Arzt. There's also this sweet polar bear bobble, which is about as weird as a polar bear showing up in the South Pacific. Available in July 2011.

NECA Predator 2 figure

The great thing about NECA is that their figure sculpts truly celebrate the details that make modern horror monsters so great. Their new Predator 2 figure features amazing paint work and attention to detail. It comes with two swappable heads and will be available later in 2011.

Doctor Who Number Four figure

Who fever is back in the States, and Bif Bang Pow is celebrating Tom Baker's iconic fourth Doctor as an action figure in 2011. Replete with his long, striped scarf, the good Doctor comes in a two-pack with his foe, Sontaran Field Major Styre. Available in summer 2011.

Mattel Vinz Clortho Ghostbuster figure

It's the Keymaster in all his glory! Matty Collector's popular 6-inch line of Ghostbusters action figures has finally come around to nerdy Lewis Tully—post ancient-Sumerian possession. He comes with accessory pizza slice, Egon's strainer testing helmet and a Terror Dog head. Available March 2011.

Mezco Scott Pilgrim Comic Book figures

Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic book Scott Pilgrim, there are two versions of action figure Scott coming this year—evil ex fighting mode with a sword, or bass-playing Sex Bob-omb style. Power up!

Medicom Daft Punk figures

Say what you will about Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk scored one hell of a soundtrack and worked their tiny cameos like pros. Medicom rewards such dedication with these designer figures of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in their film costumes. Yes, they're expensive at $199.99 apiece, but if you divide that by the 30 years between films without merchandise, it's not that unjustifiable.

Mezco 20-Inch Thundercats Lion-O vs. Bandai Lion-O

It's shaping up to be a war between old-school vs. new-school Thundercats this year as licensors thrown their toymaking support behind the classic series and the new Thundercats reboot premiering on Cartoon Network later this year. Mezco has created an impressive 20-inch Lion-O with flaming red mane from the original animated series, while Bandai showed off their new younger, anime-style Lion-O in battle armor. Thundercats, ho?

Mattel 12-Inch Lex Luthor

One look at this 12-inch figure of Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor from the 1978 Superman and we can practically hear "Ms. Tessmacher!" emanating from the box. No, he doesn't actually make any sounds, but he sure looks terrific. A collectible celebrating one of the best supervillain performances ever was delayed far too long, if you ask us, but we're glad Hackman's time has finally come. Available in spring 2011 for $60.00.

Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone action figures

We love it when old-school shows still get remembered and revered as they should, so these black and white action figures of classic characters from episodes of Rod Serling's quintessential anthology show, The Twilight Zone, make us giddy. Expect new two-pack collections starting this summer.

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