The 4 (mostly bad) options Defying Gravity fans face

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

ABC hasn't officially canceled Defying Gravity, even though an episode billed as the "season finale" aired last Sunday and the show is no longer on the network's schedule. Although it's unlikely that the low-rated series will ever get another season on ABC, there seem to be two or three unaired episodes of the show.

(CTV in Canada will air the final three episodes: "Eve Ate the Apple" on Sept. 18, "Deja Vu" on Sept 25 and "Solitary" at a date TBA.)

Now the question is, what's going to happen to those, and when will U.S. fans get to see them?

Publicly, ABC says it's trying to find room on the schedule for the unaired episodes, according to, and that's certainly one option. According to industry insiders we checked with, though, there are several other possibilities that are more likely for the Fox-produced show:

Option 2: Fox will sell Defying Gravity to a cable network, using the unaired (and therefore "new") episodes as an incentive. This is exactly what happened when Fox sold Firefly to our parent company, Syfy, a few years ago. In that case, fans will probably have to wait 6-12 months to see the remaining episodes.

Option 3: ABC will run them online as a stunt to drive traffic to its Web site, just as it did with the canceled show Daybreak. At least this way ABC will get some bang for its buck, and the upside for fans is that they could see the unaired episodes as early as this fall season.

Option 4: Because retail sales are likely to be more lucrative than an online stunt, Fox might negotiate with ABC to hold the episodes for the DVD market, in which case fans are back to the 6-12-month timeline.

Although none of these options offers much solace to Defying Gravity lovers who want ABC to continue the show, the upside is that they'll definitely see at least a little more of the series ... at some point.