The Avengers is way funnier with these Chinese bootleg subtitles

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Dec 17, 2012

Bootleg movies have become a major industry overseas (as well as in the U.S.), but sometimes a few things can get lost in translation. In the case of this poorly subtitled Chinese version of The Avengers, most everything was lost in translation.

The folks over at Gamma Squad ran across this mediocre-quality bootleg and decided to share some of the funnier subtitles that pop up while Marvel's greatest heroes take on Loki.

You don't really realize it until you see something like this, but man, a lot of these films really are enhanced by the cultural ties to where they originate.

Take that away and you have an action spectacle showing off choice lines like "sorry guys, my forte row of no use," and "you positioning to the Rubik's Cube?"

Luckily, the real version of Avengers is slated to hit Blu-ray on Sept. 25, so we don't have too much longer to wait. But until then, marvel at the utter confusion that is Chinese-subtitled Avengers:

Head on over to Gamma Squad for more.

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