The Avengers sunk Battleship—so how bad was the damage?

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Dec 17, 2012

The Battleship has been sunk. The experts were expecting the boardgame-inspired alien invasion flick to have a soft U.S. opening this weekend, but no one thought it'd be quite this bad.

With the final numbers in, Battleship came in second place on its opening weekend in North America, netting a measly $25.4 million. The Avengers continued to dominate, blowing out Battleship with an impressive $55.1 million in its third week.

The big-budget Battleship missed projections by a pretty wide margin, and could lose up to $150 million. Ouch.

In an interview with, film industry guru Paul Dergarabedian credited the bomb to the ultimate staying power Avengers has shown since opening earlier this month.

"Great marketing can buy you a big opening weekend, but only a crowd-pleasing and solid movie can get you to where The Avengers has gone," he said.

Despite the fact that Battleship is sinking stateside, it has already earned a respectable $220 million internationally after opening a few weeks ago in some territories, so it shouldn't be as bad as it sounds once all is said and done.

For the sake of comparison, even the box office bomb-of-the-year John Carter managed to pull in $30 million, though it admittedly had a bit larger budget and marketing push going in. But, no excuses, these are some truly terrible U.S. box office numbers for a flick this size.

Sound off: Do you think this epic fail will put a stop to the glut of boardgame-based movies in the works?

(Via Deadline, Bloomberg)

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