The Beast quits the X-Men to sell insurance in weird movie tie-in

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Dec 14, 2012

When you think of X-Men: First Class advertising tie-ins, you might think of Baskin-Robbins ice cream or Tang punch. You don't think Farmers Insurance. Well ... Farmers Insurance thinks you should.

We've got a commercial for you, and in it, Beast from X-Men: First Class (though obviously not played by actor Nicholas Hoult) is learning the ropes about insurance as an "x-change" student. Not only is it a bizarre mashup, but it's also uninformative. We don't learn exactly what kind of insurance Farmers is selling.

Tie-in advertising campaigns are nothing new, and we're so used to seeing Star Wars Adidas sneakers or Star Trek Burger King glasses that we hardly notice them. But those products make sense, based on the demographics of their audiences. Though some of us may be genuinely interested in obtaining insurance, X-Men and Farmers don't seem like a good fit.

Still, we have to give credit to Farmers to reaching out to the geek demographic.

Check out the video below. And tell us in the comments if you've been inspired to buy insurance.

(via ToplessRobot)

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