The best (and worst) online comments about the Battlestar Galactica finale

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Did you think last Friday's Battlestar Galactica finale was frakkin' awesome? Or just plain frakked up? Either way, you're not alone, as critics, bloggers and fans have spent the past week debating the meaning of the series' last moments.

Some thought the crew's farewell was perfect, some cringed, while others came down somewhere in between. Here's a sampling of the choicest quotes about BSG's swan song--the good, the bad and the mixed.

But what about you? Agree? Disagree? Since there's no new episode to watch tonight, now's the perfect time to weigh in with what you think.

The Good

"The most politically engaging, culturally relevant, socially entertaining and spiritually rewarding experience I had this past week was watching the two-hour finale of Battlestar Galactica ... it ranks among the best—if not the best—of all series grand finales. With the loss this year of Battlestar, unquestionably one of the top ten one-hour drama series ever, along with ER and, next year, Lost, the age of great long-running television dramatic series is coming to an end.

The Huffington Post

"It felt much like the end of a great party. Maybe someone had a little too much to drink and knocked over a lamp (I'm looking at you, Saul!). Maybe someone caught their man making out with another girl (I know it hurts Athena, but it's not like he wasn't thinking of you the whole time) and maybe someone got in a fight (Starbuck, save it for the ring!) but at the end of night, you know you had a blast."

"What a frakking amazing ending! As I was watching and saw them all gearing up for the assault, I realized that we were only 45 minutes in! Epic on all scales. Perfectly fitting way to end the show. I'm so glad they didn't kill everyone or just turn out the lights. The future I felt was a good twist because it really epitomizes the BSG concept of 'It will happen once, it will happen again.' Brilliant!"

"Battlestar Galactica, a visually grim and philosophically dark series for the duration of its run, had no obligation to end with twittering birds, romantic curlicues and happy, healing Helo. It was a gift, then, that it ended on such a triumphal, thoughtful note, and for that gift plus the entirety of four epic years with this great story, we offer a sincere and hearty thank you to the creators, cast and crew."

E! Online

"It resolutely delivered what all great series finales should: a sense of closure befitting the emotional investment we've all made in these characters. We've been through living hell with them—four seasons of nihilism, desperation and flickering candlelight hopes snuffed out one after the other. Let no one say this ride into the sunset wasn't earned. And they did it without falling unduly into maudlin sentiment."

The Bad

"I HATED it! Hated. It. It just all felt like such lazy writing, as if the writing staff decided to have their wrap-up party after writing the second-to-last episode, and then wrote the finale hung over. Instead of coming up with feasible and interesting explanations to tie up the loose plot points, they just explained it all away as being 'God's Plan.'"

"BSG was the most overrated sci fi series ever. Horrible writing and directing. Way too much internal inconsistency, way too much passing around of the idiot ball to keep major characters alive, way too much passing around of the idiot ball to make the plot happen at all. People just plain didn't behave rationally at least 90 percent of the time."

"For a show that constantly patted itself on the back for being risky and cutting edge, it went out on the most conventional of notions, and answered all the mysteries it raised by simply reconfirming a belief that most people, at least in this country, closely hold. It's all a part of God's plan and there are angels to guide us, show us the way."


"So the final end of all this, after fighting for their lives for several years across the galaxy, is the colonialists commit mass suicide by wandering off into the wilderness to explore a new and bountiful world until they die alone of exposure and starvation. That is just fracked up stupid."

Ace of Spades HQ

"I'm pissed that Starbuck was an 'angel.' Yeah, it would have been tough to explain the dying and not dying thing, but having her just disappear is a cop-out on the scale of St. Elsewhere."

Liberal Values

The Mixed

"Tonight's Battlestar Galactica finale was a cop out, but it was also the perfect goodbye. Ron Moore dropped the ball on plot but as always, the show delivered where it really mattered: Characters."


"The finale, the entire show, was as it said humanity is: Noble but imperfect."

Dean's World

"Was the Battlestar Galactica finale perfect? No. It had its clunky moments and some unnecessary diversions. And no, not every question was answered—and some that were answered did so in thoughtful, metaphysical ways that likely will vex some. But overall, this was a heartfelt and passionate conclusion to a show that has always done a remarkable job of portraying people at their most truthful; flaws and all."

"I have complaints—I always have complaints. But it was a satisfying, flawed, and complicated ending to a satisfying, flawed, complicated show."

Alas! A Blog

"And then, the finale. It had its moments, but I nearly walked when it turned into a video game of chasing people and running through corridors endlessly. I stuck around for the end. Yes, it fell victim to some popular cliches (notably 'everyone's life is in incredible, incredible danger and yet almost no one dies'). It could have easily had 10 minutes edited out without any loss whatsoever (it ran about 10 minutes over 2 hours). I didn't hate it. It wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be, but it wasn't exactly weak either."