The best trailer you'll see all day was made by Half-Life fans

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Dec 14, 2012

You can be all ga-ga over the latest Tron: Legacy spot, but for my money, this trailer for Beyond Black Mesa—a short film inspired by the Half-Life video games—is just as impressive.

Directed by Brian Curtin and shot for a measly $1,200—and that's for the whole short, not just the trailer—Beyond Black Mesa is about a band of resistance fighters trying to get out a message about an impending invasion. Now, never mind the little logic waffle there—if the invasion hasn't arrived yet, who are these resistance fighters actually resisting?—which we assume the short itself will take care of. Just look at it: The direction is slick as hell, the cinematography gives the locations an "othery" feel, and the CG effects are top-notch.

The last thing I spent $1,200 on was a crappy car. What a waste.

(via Topless Robot)

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