Bionic Woman gets hot and heavy with you-know-who tonight on W13

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Lindsay Wagner, aka the real Bionic Woman, is about to get it on with someone on Syfy's Warehouse 13, and we'll see a whole new side of her character, Dr. Vanessa Calder, in more ways than one, said the actress about her return to the series on tonight's episode, "Fractures."

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"Artie and Vanessa have been taking rendezvous together, and so we start out at one of our rendezvous places. That day we decided to take the relationship to another level, and so the adventure takes place out in the world, where they're meeting up thinking that they were going to have a nice quiet weekend together, when Alice, who escapes from the mirror, kind of wreaks havoc on our weekend together," said Wagner during a conference call with journalists.

This isn't the first time that Alice Liddell, or Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, has caused trouble for the gang at Warehouse 13. In "Duped," the murderous and "mad as a hatter" Alice traps Myka in her mirror and nearly destroys the mirror before the team can trap her again.

On tonight's episode, "Fractures," when Lewis Carroll's mirror is stolen, Alice escapes again.

"So Artie's a lot more relaxed and whatnot until something happens in this episode, which, you know, all I'll say about it is that Alice escapes from the mirror and wreaks havoc on our weekend together, which we were totally not expecting," said Wagner.

"And Artie's reaction to that is very confusing to Vanessa and very upsetting, because they've been having such a wonderful time, it's not making any sense to her. So she hasn't quite figured out what the heck's going on, obviously something," said Wagner. "I don't want to ruin the whole surprise, other than you're going to see a side of Vanessa that Vanessa didn't even know she had. ... She might become possessed a little bit."

The relationship between Artie, played by Saul Rubinek, and Dr. Vanessa, the doctor who treats Warehouse agents, has been simmering throughout Vanessa's occasional visits to the Warehouse.

"I feel that both of them have been through so much with all the years that they've been doing what they've been doing" by dealing with the mysteries and dangers of the Warehouse and its artifacts. "Because she has to hide what she does in the other relationships that she has [in her life], her relationship with Artie is something that allows Vanessa to be all of who she is. She can be completely herself with him because she doesn't have to hide anything, obviously. And that's very difficult, you know, even for the so-called real-world people who work for our government, CIA agents, things like that," said Wagner.

"I think that for Vanessa that is such a joy, to be in an intimate relationship with someone where she can truly be all of herself. That's a blessing for anybody, you know, when we find people who unconditionally love us and we can just be whoever we are. That's something that's really wonderful for Vanessa, and I know for Artie too," she said.

One of the things she loves about Warehouse 13 is that the writers are "willing to write a romantic story about older people who aren't dead. [It's] very wonderful and courageous. It's actually something that hasn't really been done much ever, I think, in the history of television or movies. There's the occasional movie, that where it comes out and says, 'Oh, wow, that's right. People are still alive and vital and, you know, have all the same qualities of human beings once they pass 50,'" said Wagner.

"But they certainly have been few and far between, really, I think, from my viewpoint. And I honestly don't know much to say about it other than I'm thrilled that they were willing to do that and in the midst of something so odd to do it in. You know what I'm saying? This show was an odd one to do it in, but I really applaud the courage and the creativity of Jack, the producer, and all the writers involved for doing it," she added.

Wagner, of course, will be forever known to sci-fi audiences for her role as Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman. While Wagner has mostly been dabbling in acting over the last few years while she's focused on her self-help therapy, "Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart," she admitted that she has considered getting back into acting more substantially.

"I'm kind of sniffing around for things and looking at some different concepts, Been talking with my agent about it lately. It's definitely a possibility," she said.

Regarding whether The Bionic Woman would ever return to television, Wagner believes it would need to be a very different take from the original or NBC's disastrous reboot. "I can see a story, but it means taking the show to another level, not trying to repeat the show," said Wagner. "By the time the second one came out, there was nothing new about having powers. There was nothing new about the show at all."

"Remember the episode 'Biofeedback'? I don't know if you remember that. Where the scientist could control" a character's mind courtesy of mind control experiments? "I see taking it and launching off of that."

Overall, Wagner said she's very excited about the state of television in general. "Intelligence is coming back to television. It seemed like for a while the stupider you could make people look, the more it would sell, and I never have understood that. But intelligence is coming back. You've got Suits, for example, and non-violent shows like—oh, what's that one with an art thief but he works for the FBI? White Collar."

Here's a look at "Fractures":

Warehouse 13 airs on Syfy on Mondays at 9 p.m.

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