The bondage Wonder Woman proposal you were never meant to see

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Dec 14, 2012

David E. Kelley's incarnation of Wonder Woman isn't the only version likely never to see the light of day. Recently an image from a never-before-seen Bill Sienkiewicz and Frank Miller pitch was unearthed, entitled simply Wonder Woman: Bondage. It was never sent to DC and was actually never meant to be posted anywhere online, either.

Yeah, that piqued our interest, too.

Wonder Woman is no stranger to being tied up (she brings the rope herself, after all). Right from the start, her creator, William Moulton Marston, often put Princess Diana in, ahem, tightly bound situations, despite the fact that his entire concept for the Amazon was hitched to the idea that utopia could only be achieved if women were in charge. Many covers (even post-Marston) portray Wonder Woman prone on the floor, unable to move an inch.

In more recent runs, however, writers have eschewed these origins in favor of a stronger, more chaste heroine. Greg Rucka, Gail Simone and J. Michael Straczynski have all over the last decade favored a girl less likely to be in kinky distress.

In sharp contrast lies Sienkiewicz and Miller's concept (click below to view at a larger size), which would have gotten in touch with Wonder Woman's origins and pushed the S&M factor to eleven.

Here's what Sienkiewicz had to say about the project:

"Frank and I were jazzed about working together again. We were up for doing another series and churning the waters on on some old DC character, as he'd done with Dark Knight.

Wonder Woman seemed like a pretty good choice. She been simultaneously revered and handled poorly in some incarnations. To me she's always been a '"symbol" more than a character that has been well-utilized in a story context. The most interesting stuff was the earliest - and felt the ripest for revisiting.

The fact that her creator William Marston also created the precursor to the lie detector and was into bondage lent a weird kinky vibe and made the idea of mucking with her and her origin a potentially fun trip.

The image was done by me to visually test the water, so to speak and my own comfort level, if not everyone else's, about how far it could be pushed. I did some others that were far more extreme, no one has seen those, this one was relatively tame by comparison. Still it was perhaps a bit over the top, but I think Frank and I invited that."

We'd love to see these other images, but, tragically, it's not in the cards. Still, it's interesting to ponder what it would be like to see a Wonder Woman who embraces her own taste toward what some might see as perverse. After all, you can be a strong woman and still like being tied down from time to time, right?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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