The coolest $2,000 human-to-jet transforming toy that isn't a Transformer

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Don't call this a Transformer!

A sculptor with the handle "Reaver" is selling a metal artwork/"artistic toy" that turns from a humanoid into a jet on the Etsy site for $2,000.

Here's how he describes it: "This is a toy that I have created inspired from the many cartoons and movies that I watched when I was a child. It transforms from a humanoid to a jet. In the robot humanoid form, it stands approximately 17 inches tall. It is fully posable and stands up on its own." (Another image after the jump).

The pictures are of the original piece, which is currently on display in the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Ark. Reaver will take orders for the sculpture, which will then be built to order and consecutively numbered and delivered to you in a few weeks. You can even name it if you like: something like, say, Mega-Tom or Artemus Prime or something.