And The CW's DC Comics superhero follow-up to Smallville is ...

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Dec 15, 2012

With Smallville well out of the picture, The CW is in mighty need of a new superhero-based TV show. Last year there was talk of a Teen Titan, Raven, getting her own series, which turned out to be just that ... talk. This year, Deadman, an old Neal Adams favorite, is the classic DC hero getting the nod.

Who would make the show? Why, Supernatural's Eric Kripke, of course.

Here's a little background. Deadman, aka Boston Brand, was a famous acrobat until he was murdered by a man with a hook for a hand (yes, really). He's given the chance to avenge his death by faux Hindu goddess Rama Kushna as a spirit who can inhabit the bodies of others. He continues on, though, inhabiting the bodies of others and helping them solve crises in their own lives.

The character of Deadman has mostly been relegated to the background in DC history, but, due to growing popularity, he's gained considerable traction and has recently played important roles in the last two DC event series, Blackest Night and Flashpoint. It's likely that his fan following has played some part in the decision to bring Boston Brand to the small screen, too.

Eric Kripke feels like a perfect fit for Deadman, given his pedigree as the executive producer and creator of Supernatural. That blend of horror, drama and tongue-in-cheek comedy is exactly what's needed to bring a comic book hero like Deadman to television.

Still, Deadman remains a relative unknown outside of the comic realm. Can Kripke successfully weave a little TV magic, or do you think Deadman is doomed to never make it off the slab?

(via Deadline)