The Dark Knight Rises kicks off its viral campaign with a memo

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Dec 16, 2012

We all remember how much fun it was to sift through all the viral marketing ahead of the release of The Dark Knight on the hunt for clues about the flick. Now The Dark Knight Rises is getting in on the viral action, and the first clue comes in the form of a mysterious and heavily redacted CIA memo.

The memo, in the form of a low-quality scan, was posted on Wired early yesterday, and features Dr. Leonid Pavel, apparently played by actor Alon Abutbul, whose mugshot is on the page.

Pavel's occupation is listed as "NUCLEAR PHYSICIST" on the memo. He's Russian, he served in the military in the late '60s, and, perhaps most importantly, he's missing.

True to Dark Knight viral form, there aren't any dead giveaways here, but a few details of the two-page document do stand out. It's noted that Pavel seems to be afraid of someone and is apparently in hiding while he seeks asylum from the American government. The memo also notes that Pavel is an expert in "nuclear fuel cycle technology and reactor designs."

So, when you read the words "nuclear fuel cycle," did it immediately make you think of Bane's mysterious doomsday device that we've been curious about for so long now? Could Bane be what Pavel is afraid of? Could Pavel be the key to Bane's plan to defeat Batman and break Gotham?

All we have are two grainy images, but it's enough to ignite the speculation, and we all know it won't be the last we see of these cryptic clues before the flick hits theaters next summer.

(Via Wired)