The Dark Knight Rises viral assault continues with Operation Early Bird

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Dec 16, 2012

No sooner had we gotten the first whiff of a viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises with the release of two official-looking documents about a missing scientist than Warner Bros. upped the ante with ... MORE official-looking documents. Ooh, and a countdown clock. What could it mean?

The latest salvo, fired directly from the Twitter feed @thefirerises, teases something called "Operation Early Bird" and features another heavily-redacted document—this time, a CIA communique detailing plans for the exfiltration of the aforementioned Doctor Leonid Pavel. As most of the message is covered in black marker, many details are left to the imagination, but the "Operation Early Bird" name is used repeatedly, and described as a black op bearing seemingly high risk.

But wait, there's more! A visit to reveals a countdown clock wending its temporal way toward a deadline of 1 PM EST/10 AM PST tomorrow, Dec. 9 ... a time that is also referenced in the CIA document.

So what is Operation Early Bird? How does all this tie in to The Dark Knight Rises? And what's going to happen tomorrow at 1 p.m./10 a.m.? We'll have to wait and see ... but let the speculation commence.

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