The Dark Tower may be dead, but there's more Stephen King coming

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Krystal Clark
Dec 14, 2012

Universal may have pulled the plug on Stephen King's The Dark Tower, but Hollywood still has love for the guy. Another one of his books is headed to the small screen, and it's called Bag of Bones. Doesn't that sound enticing in a sociopathic kind of way?

Bag of Bones is being adapted into a four-hour miniseries for the A&E network and will feature a former James Bond as its star. In the film, Pierce Brosnan is set to play a man who is unable to stop grieving for his dead wife. He returns to the lakeside retreat they shared and somehow gets involved in a local custody battle.

The whole time he's trying to play hero, he's literally being terrorized by nightmares about his wife. That's no way to live! Bag of Bones is scheduled to start shooting next month and is expected to air over two nights later this year.

Even though The Dark Tower is somewhere sitting in the "will it ever see the light of day" pile, Stephen King can take solace in this opportunity. It's like that old saying— when one door closes, another one opens. (And sometimes it's the door to a very haunted house.)

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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