Which Doctor Who Dalek is Matt Smith's favorite? This one!

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Dec 17, 2012

It seems every Doctor Who fan out there has an opinion as to which era of Dalek is the best. Now apparently the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, has chimed in on which deadly, alien pepperpot is his favorite.

With debate raging about which Daleks will be back in the seventh series of the upcoming BBC series (all of them, apparently), Who showrunner Steven Moffat decided to poll the stars to see which model of killing machine they prefer.

Apparently there's a consensus between the Doctor and his outgoing companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan): The 1960s-style Daleks, from the show's original run, are still the coolest, despite the different models introduced in recent years.

"After extensive deliberation, THE DOCTOR HAS SPOKEN. Matt Smith likes the sixties Dalek best," Moffat tweeted over the weekend.

Gillan apparently concurred, though Moffat is still awaiting definitive word from co-companion Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), adding: "This just in: Amy Pon[d] concurs. The Last Centurian - @RattyBurvil - has yet to speak."

Moffat's question made sense a bit later, when he tweeted a set pic showing off Smith and Gillan posing with a dusty, 1960s-style Dalek in all its glory. We can't wait to see how the Doctor outwits them this time.

Sound off: Which Daleks are your faves?

(via @steven_moffat)