The extra Looper scenes you never saw (but Chinese audiences will)

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

If you're looking forward to the new twisty-timey noir flick Looper, and don't live in China, you're out of luck—you'll be missing out on at least a few extra scenes that didn't make the U.S. cut.

Apparently Chinese audiences will be getting an extended version of the film, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as a hit man tasked with killing his future self. The Chinese version will feature some scenes set in Shanghai that had been chopped from the original theatrical cut.

The reason? Producers thought the extra scenes slowed down the flow of the film but figure Chinese moviegoers can put up with it to see their city on the big screen. An anonymous source told The L.A. Times this:

The scenes, mainly exposition about how Gordon-Levitt's character took a downward spiral, did not test well with American audiences, who felt it upset the film's pacing. "But the Chinese didn't care about pacing, and they wanted the [China-set] scenes in, so we said OK," said one of the two people involved with the film. (Some other Chinese scenes do wind up in the Western version.)
This is a pretty odd turn of events and came into play partly because China-based DMG helped bankroll some of the film's production. Do you think it's cool to change cuts for each country, or do you believe there should be one definitive version of a film?

(Collider via The LA Times)