Here's the long lost Six Million Dollar Man theme song (yes, song)

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

That rocking instrumental tune we all remember as the Six Million Dollar Man theme was actually NOT the first attempt at a theme song for the adventures of bionic ex-astronaut Steve Austin. Dusty Springfield recorded one, and it's a pop-culture dodged bullet if ever there was one.

Written by Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips, the Dusty Springfield ditty was part of the opening credits for the two 1973 Six Million Dollar Man TV movies that aired in advance of the series itself—which wisely ditched it in favor of Oscar Goldman's "better, stronger, faster" voiceover and Oliver Nelson's now-classic boo-boo-dwee-doo theme.

Six Million Dollar Man Intro
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History is filled with opportunities for brilliance to go off the rails. We should be thankful for all the times it doesn't.

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