The gruesome Prometheus scene the studio wanted Ridley Scott to cut

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Dec 17, 2012

If you saw Prometheus over the weekend, you know there's a lot of brutal alien horror at work in the flick. But there's one scene so gruesomely intense that director Ridley Scott said the studio originally didn't even want it to stay in the final cut. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

After her lover and partner (Logan Marshall-Green) dies from a combination of exposure to an alien liquid and flamethrowers, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) finds herself pregnant with a creature that's a product of his altered DNA. The android David (Michael Fassbender) wants to put her in stasis and study the bouncing baby monster after returning to Earth, but Shaw just wants it out. Desperate for survival, she climbs into a state-of-the-art medpod and programs it to surgically remove and then decontaminate the creature.

It's one of the film's most shocking moments, and it's in large part what put Prometheus over the PG-13 line and into rated-R territory. Because of that, and because of its sheer brutality, Scott said there were some at Twentieth Century Fox who wanted to nix the sequence.

"They didn't even want the scene," he said. "It wasn't about just cutting it down, they didn't want the scene."

In the end, Scott and Fox studio head Tom Rothman agreed to keep the scene, in part because it was so difficult for Rapace to film. The sequence was shot over four days, and Rapace said it had an effect on her even when the cameras were off.

"I was in complete psychological meltdown when we were doing those scenes," she said. "I felt feverish and I was dreaming these really crazy, dark twisted dreams. It affected me a lot. I was really not well."

After seeing the scene for ourselves, we can sympathize. What was your favorite bit of Prometheus' alien gruesomeness?

(Via Hero Complex)

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