What does Boba Fett have to say about that possible Boba Fett film?

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

About two weeks ago, we mentioned that Captain America director Joe Johnston wants to make a movie about Star Wars character Boba Fett, the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter. Well, actor Jeremy Bulloch has something to say about it.

According to MovieWeb, who spoke with the British actor, Bulloch likes the idea of a bounty hunter movie ... especially if he gets a cameo appearance.

"It could be cool. You never know. But I think you might want to just leave it as it is. If they did do a film, it would be nice to be asked to sit in the corner of the Sarlacc pit as a wise old bounty hunter. Occasionally speaking a line here or there, and being a lot like Clint Eastwood. It would be nice to do a cameo."

Perhaps the 66-year-old acknowledges that the role of a jetpack-wearing bounty hunter might go to a younger actor. (Daniel Logan, who played young Boba in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, is currently 24. Just sayin'.)

Still, Bulloch has his own ideas about Fett's part in the Star Wars universe:

"I believe, to this day, that somewhere along the line, Boba Fett and Han Solo flew the Millennium Falcon together. Something went wrong, and they split up as a couple of friends. I always remember the line, "Boba Fett? Where?" Han wants to settle something. I think that's what that scene means. I think there is a respect for both of them. They respect each other. People ask, 'If you could choose another character, who would you choose?' And I always say Han Solo."

(via Movie Web)