You haven't seen Hunger Games, but it's already getting a sequel

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Dec 15, 2012

First Man of Steel , and now this. All we've seen of The Hunger Games so far is a trailer, but apparently that's enough to convince Lionsgate to already go searching for a new writer for the sequel, Catching Fire.

Hunger Games director Gary Ross was going to work on the outline and script for the second film with Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins, but the post-production schedule for the first flick has made that hard to swing. Lionsgate wants to get that second script rolling fast, so they're on the hunt for another scribe.

Who? Well, word is the name at the top of their list is Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar winner for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire. No word on whether he's accepted the gig, but Lionsgate is definitely treating Catching Fire like a high priority, especially after the huge buzz generated by the Hunger Games trailer earlier this week.

Despite comparisons to other flicks recently fast-tracked for sequelization, Hunger Games does have one extra thing going for it in that department: The sequel's already been written, at least in book form. And with the combination of the blockbuster success of the books, the buzz over the trailer and the huge amount of fan anticipation, it seems perfectly reasonable to put the sequel into preproduction this early.

(Deadline via Bleeding Cool)

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