The Muppets make Twilight better with final parody trailer

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Dec 15, 2012

The Muppets make everything better. Somehow the cute, fuzzy characters managed to turn Twilight into comedy gold with their latest trailer. The Muppets takes a stab at the vampire sequel Breaking Dawn and also gives the new Paranormal Activity a run for its money.

Disney has released what they claim is the final parody trailer for this month's The Muppets. Over the spring and summer, the film's viral campaign spoofed some of the year's most talked-about movies. The Hangover Part II, The Green Lantern and even The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo weren't safe from its wrath.

The Muppets' latest parody pokes fun at the dark and gloomy films that dominate the fall. Twilight went from Breaking Dawn to Breaking Prawn with Pepe, everyone's favorite shrimp, while also embracing some Abnormal Activity. Other victims include the animated features Puss in Boots (i.e. Fuss in Boots) and Happy Feet.

We hate to say it, but most of these fake trailers look 10 times more interesting than the real movies. Is that bad? Breaking Prawn sounds like a pretty good comedy!

The Muppets opens in theaters everywhere on Nov. 23

What's your favorite Muppet parody?

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