V's original Diana spills more about her highly anticipated return

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

The second season of V kicks off tomorrow, and we know that Jane Badler, who had a role as the malevolent Diana in the original series, will be appearing. Now Badler is opening up further about those minor spoilers we reported on earlier.

We know that Badler's character (also named Diana, but not the same person she played back in the 1983 miniseries and the 1984-1985 TV series) was the queen until Anna locked her in a dungeon, where she's sat for 15 years.

Badler hints at a serious confrontation. She told EW:

"It's a whole power play—my different ways of ruling versus her ways of ruling. They make me out to be the more benevolent of the two. And perhaps I am, but I'm also the queen. That carries arrogance with it. It's not just all nice.

When someone speaks of a power play, it implies a guns-blazing struggle like the one where President Laura Roslin in Battlestar Galactica managed to break out of prison. Although it seemed safe to assume that she wouldn't be sitting in a dungeon forever, Badler counters this assumption:

It also is revealed why I can't leave the dungeon, which is all kind of exciting, too.

In other words, as with all spoilers, it's what's NOT revealed that's the most intriguing.

Badler has a recurring role in the second season, which will run for 10 episodes. But whether she'll return for more action is still up in the air. She said, "I always thought I'd be a one-season person, but there is always that potential. It depends, I guess, on the reaction to me. I'm very pleased with this one season. It definitely did what I wanted to do!"

While we hope that means mayhem and multiple assassination attempts, we also hope we don't see more guinea-pig violence.

For those who can't wait until Tuesday, we have a glimpse of their relationship, here.