21 cool Prometheus concept pics of temple, engineer ship and medpod

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Dec 17, 2012

The doom on LV-223 has passed, but its effects linger on in anticipation of October's Prometheus Blu-ray release and its hoard of extras. To keep the black urn-ooze bubbling, here's a gorgeous gallery of preproduction artwork to dazzle the eye.

Ridley Scott employed a crack team of illustrators and artists to create some phenomenal portfolios of conceptual artwork for Prometheus. In the end, a synthesis of many imaginations gave birth to the luxurious visual design of the finished film.

Here are some important concept pieces by a major contributor to Scott's optical wizardry, artist David Levy. Levy worked on several key aspects, including the spacesuit design, rover exteriors and interior, medpod details, "star map" control room and temple architecture. The art has a crisp, distinctive style and grim, utilitarian color palette to match the somber subject matter inside and outside the alien weapons depot.

Whether you're still griping about the movie's many flaws (Don't touch the Hammerpedes!) and lack of serious existential reach, or slavering over every deleted scene list on the video release campaign, no one can deny the retina-gasmic images on display.

Drop into the Zeta 2 Reticuli system once more with these beautiful pieces. Are you onboard the probable sequel with Shaw and David or sitting this next mission out?

(via Concept Art World)