Neil Gaiman's Sandman being developed for TV, minus Neil Gaiman

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Neil Gaiman's landmark literary comic series The Sandman is being developed by Warner Brothers as a TV series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That's the good news. The bad news is, Neil isn't actually working on it.

Here's the deal:

"The Sandman," the Neil Gaiman-penned comic book series considered a seminal work in the medium, is in the early stages of being developed into a TV series.

Warner Bros. TV is in the midst of acquiring television rights from sister company DC Entertainment and is in talks with several writer-producers about adapting the 1990s series. At the top of the list is Eric Kripke, creator of the CW's horror-tinged "Supernatural."

The Sandman has been in development off and on as a movie, and HBO worked on a TV version for a while, but that never coalesced. Gaiman "held several rounds of talks" with the HBO people but so far isn't involved with this one, "though because it is early in the process, that could change."

Kripke is said to be interested in the project but leery of taking on a property with a devoted and passionate fan base. Our first piece of advice is, get Neil involved.

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