The Wachowskis want Will Smith for an urban update of Robin Hood

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

As with all things Wachowski-related, this new Warner Bros. project comes with a thick frosting of secrecy, but if they're stealing from the rich to give to the poor—with Will Smith—then we're in.

All we know for sure is that Larry and Lana Wachowski have written and will direct Hood, and they're talking to actors—with Will Smith high on their list, presumably to play the leader of their modernized merry band of noble street brigands.

Where Hood will fall in line with the other Wachowski projects on the burner—the Iraq War romance, Cobalt Neural 9 and the multi-era drama Cloud Atlas—remains to be seen. We can only hope that we'll get some arrow-time action out of this, whenever it makes it to the screen.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)