The wait is over: 4 stunning pics of Smallville's Superman suit

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Dec 14, 2012

As Smallville rounds the bend on its final season, we've seen everything thrown in but the kitchen sink, from classic mythos to just about every second-rate baddie and would-be hero in Superman history. The one thing that's been missing? Well, the Superman suit, of course.

That all changes today, because we've got a gallery of images from May 6 episode, "Prophecy," that finally shows us our first glimpse of the true red and blue. (Just not on Clark ... yet).

Check them out below and let us know—does this incarnation live up to the timeless icon that every man, woman and child knows nearly right out of the womb? Or is it a little too Superman Returns?

What do you think?

(And you can check out more non-supersuit pics from the episode over at Comics Continuum.)

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