The worst Avatar review ever: 'Negative 1,000 stars'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Ben Bartley, a copy editor for the college newspaper the Auburn Plainsman, has written what may be the most negative review ever of James Cameron's sci-fi epic Avatar. He gives the film "negative 1,000 stars."

Here's a sample from his review, headlined "Movie Review: You're no Robert Heinlein, James Cameron":

"Avatar" is bad, bad, bad. 100 times 100 bad.

The plot is trite and clichéd. The characters are flat and unoriginal.

And the dialog, especially from that talentless buffoon playing the Jake Sully character, is laughable -- as in I, and those around me (who were, admittedly, my friends) were laughing at each and every "serious" moment. ...

Also, while I'm thinking about it, those stupid 3-D glasses be damned.

Gee, we kinda liked it.

Did we mention he's a copy editor, not a film student?

Avatar's now playing.

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