There are cotton casualties in Orphan Black's "Transgressive Border Crossing"

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Apr 21, 2016, 11:18 PM EDT

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 2 - "Transgressive Border Crossing"


Ok, Clone Club, after some surprising revelations in the Season 4 premiere (thanks to some fantastic flashback work), we pick up in present day to find Sarah packing furiously in her Icelandic hideout. She's been warned by our newly introduced clone, M.K., that the Neolutionists know where she, Kira, Mrs. S, and Kendall are and that they need to leave immediately. While S and Sarah argue it out, Kira uses her as-yet-unexplained Spidey sense to spot them coming from miles away. S, in true S fashion, proceeds to pour kerosene over the entire house and set it aflame. Too bad there was one casualty - Monkey!

Meanwhile back at home, Felix is doing some serious art as his place. At this particular moment, he's stenciling "No Gods No Parents" on his wall. Hmm. He gets a text, as does Alison and Cosima.

At a new location, Rabbit Hole Comics, our fugitives emerge as smuggled into the country by S's old contact Benjamin. Kira wants to know if Cal, her dad, is going to meet them. When Sarah tells her he won't be back for a while (*cough*becausehe'sbusyfilmingGameOfThrones*cough*), she is PISSED. Turns out the comic shop is a front which S says "no one is stumbling in on accident." Burn. We get a brief intro to a guy called Hellwizard who may or may not play a significant role going forward but I had to mention because HELLWIZARD.


Downstairs "it's like the bloody Batcave," says Sarah as they reunite with Cosima and Scott. "Secret lab under a comic book shop, what more could a girl want, right?" says Cosima. Hell yeah, Cos. They have a brief chat with Alison as to the state of the clone universe, finally make the Dolly the sheep joke I was waiting for, and we find out the Hendrix's put up the cash for this new lab (plus some stuff from Craigslist and other stuff stolen from Dyad). They are close to helping Cosima with gene therapy from Kendall's genome but there's still no word on Delphine. 



Sarah meets with Art (this pairing is extra weird to me now considering what we learned last week) at the diner. Sarah says M.K.'s accent sounded Scandinavian (which, thank god she did because I was wondering about that myself) and Art shows her the police file on the dear departed cheek guy, the last case him and Beth caught. He still has the key to Beth's apartment, which is conveniently still a set our characters can visit because the rent was in Paul's name and paid through the end of the year (a.k.a. paid for by Dyad). 


Alison takes it upon herself to visit Felix since he hasn't been returning anyone's calls or texts. She notices a particular bit of art on his wall, "Is that a penis?" "In art, it's called a phallus, darling," Felix replies, as only Felix can. But it seems our Alison knows exactly why Felix is being distant as she urges him to tell Sarah what's going on.


The other half of the Hendrixes is tasked with taking their new charge, the pregnant Helena, to the doctor for a checkup as Alison. Helena doesn't actually try to "play" Alison here, instead she talks shit about her "old" hairstyle and tells the doctor she's been a little tired and farting a lot. While Donnie laughs nervously when she starts talking about sex. Helena, I adore you. So. Ultrasound. She's having identical twins. Because of course she is. We realize Donnie is more happy about the babies than Alison who tries to play off her own motherly pain by calling Helena a murderer. "We've also murdered people, dear" Donnie reminds her. That's different, she says, "We're manslaughterers." Alison, I adore you too.



Art and Sarah are frantically trying to find evidence of something at Beth's place when we get another flashback. Beth is having an uncomfortable and barely veiled conversation with Detective Duko. He tells her there's no going back. That doesn't last long as back in the present Sarah and Art find the Leekie book which is transcribed, "Good luck in your investigations." Sarah then finds the hardcore drug kit Beth was hiding and Art finds the camera behind the painting. Another quick flashback (ok this is going to get tough) where Beth is holding a gun, a card with a symbol on it, and a blonde wig. Present: Art and Sarah watch the surveillance footage and see when Beth pulled a gun on Paul behind his head. They also spot a meeting between Beth and Trina, the pregnant girl from Club Neolution.


Sarah pops over to Felix's place and scares the crap out of him while he's taking a shower. Immediately he's acting off, he's certainly not happy to see her and tells her he needs space when she tries to touch him. He's also not totally up for going for drinks which is super out of character for Felix. She convinces him to go to Club Neolution, as long as she pays his cover (and then some). While he may not be feeling himself right now he still manages to make a tail wagging joke so we never forget about THAT. Oh, and Mohawk Storm was totally dancing at the club.


In a brief respite from all the investigations, we get a lovely scene between Cosima and S. S can't help but treat her like a daughter but can't reassure her about the one thing that's worrying her the most - Delphine's fate. We do not get to see S smoking pot from a hookah and we are all worse off for it. In the same space, Scott discusses test results with Kendall who informs him she already knew she had leukemia long before they ran away to Iceland. She makes him promise not to tell anyone for fear of pity. 


Back at the club Sarah is asking around and finally asks Felix what's up. Turns out, all this "family" drama has made him start looking for HIS birth family. Sarah insists she Kira, and S are his real family but he insists, "that's *your* family." And well, we can't blame him for that after all the discoveries lately. He feels he doesn't belong and hopes his birth family can help with that. Something tells me they won't. 


A guy named Dizzy grabs Sarah at the club thinking she's M.K. who was apparently there to meet anyway. M.K. wanted to see something which turns out to be a video of a guy in Bogotá getting the horrible cheek procedure. Dizzy explains more specifically that it's implanted organic tech and it just so happens to have a built-in defense mechanism that kills the host if anyone tries to mess with it. It's super gross. Dizzy, of course, realizes Sarah isn't M.K. but she manages to shake him in order to meet with the real deal at a laundromat. There she gets a call from M.K. who tries to warn her off of all this digging because of what happened to Beth. 


One more quick flashback of Beth putting on a disguise and in the present Art watches her return to the apartment with bloody hands and the gun. M.K. (who Beth calls Mika) was already hiding there. Beth locks herself in the bathroom, cuts up and flushes the card, and decides not to take her meds. When she comes back out she pleads with Mika to drop everything and go back into hiding but refuses to tell her why. Mika says "Don't leave me, I need you" and we realize these two clones had a much stronger bond than previously imagined. Beth tells her, "Watch the others for me" M.K. has been relating some of this to Sarah at the laundromat and we find out this is the same night Beth killed herself. We also find out M.K. calls the implanted tech maggot-bots, which is truly appropriate. 



When Sarah realizes M.K. has been just outside this whole time she speeds off in her car and the Neolution couple, Frank and Roxie, lock Sarah inside the laundromat. They say they've been looking for her for a long time but after inspecting her mouth they realize she isn't M.K. but Sarah Manning, who they are also clearly aware of. But they let her go. She rushes off to S and scares Kira by forcibly trying to look into her mouth. She quickly explains the problem to S who then check's the inside of her mouth with a light and..."Jesus, Sarah, what is that?" 


What did you think of the episode, Clone Club? I really don't want to get grossed out any more than I already am but I am dying to know what's going to happen with these implants.


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