There are now more than 100 girls named Khaleesi in the U.S.

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Jun 25, 2013, 12:49 PM EDT (Updated)

Yep, we know that Khaleesi is not really a name, it’s a title. But that didn’t stop 146 U.S. families from naming their baby girls after the Mother of Dragons.

We think we should at least praise the Seven that they didn’t go for a few of Daenerys Targaryen’s other titles, such as, well, “Mother of Dragons,” “The Unburnt,” or even “Stormborn.”

Come to think of it, why haven’t they called them Daenerys, or Dany for short? Oh, well, there are girls called Queenie after all, and Khaleesi is quite lovely, actually.

Okay, so, according to The Baby Name Wizard Blog, there are now 146 American little girls named Khaleesi, and it’s up a whopping 450 percent from 2011—the year where the show Game of Thrones started airing on HBO.

Before that, it would appear that the name “was completely unknown.” So that would mean that not a single book reader named his daughter Khaleesi before the hit series aired. Fascinating.

And how will these parents teach their daughters how to pronounce Khaleesi? Remember when David J. Peterson (the guy who created the Dothraki language on the show) went on a rant saying that the way everyone—including George R.R. Martin, the guy who actually wrote the saga, and the powers that be at HBO—were pronouncing the word, “ka-lee-see,” was WRONG and that it should be pronounced “KHAH-lay-see”? Well, did anyone listen to him? We think not.

So what do you think? Is the name Khaleesi a winner for you? Would you name a daughter that?

(via The Mary Sue)